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Living Breathing Contradiction...

Don't Blink

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was it not just yesterday I a 14 year old little girl joined this page desperate to find some commodore with someone, anyone who could even kind of understand me... So how is it that I log back on today 20 years old, a newly wed, expecting a little bundle in August...Where has the time gone? The changes of time are evident on litnet, and over time we have lost some of our members but have also gained so many. I use to sneak to the library at lunch time to check on how things where going on here- now I can't seem to find the time despite the ultimate connivance of a laptop less than a foot from my bed...*Sigh* Although I'm so much happier with my life and where it is right now than when I first came I ultimately miss those days- Don't Blink ladies and gentleman, the world is spinning too fast and its so easy to get caught up in it.... That is all for now, simply do not blink, do not let time slip through your fingers. Instead enjoy every moment and preserve it forever as memories. -Stephanie-


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    Congratulations, Steph. When did you get married? You have been busy-and you have so much to be happy about, and so, so much to look forward too.
    I wish good things for you. This is a special time. I hope you enjoy every moment, also.
  2. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Congratulations! Much luck and joy in your future.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Yes, congratulations Steph! Show us a picture of the little one when he/she arrives. Babies are such a joy.
  4. Melanie's Avatar
    Your little girl must be 4 years old now, come August! Enjoy! Don't blink!