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Badass Throughout History

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1974-2013 Chris Kyle: US Navy Seal sniper Iraq War, 160 confirmed kills, 255 probable kills
1949-present Chuck Mawhinney: Vietnam marine sniper 103 confirmed kills, 216 probable kills
1942-1999 Carlos Hathcock: Vietnam marine sniper 93 confirmed kills
1938-1979 Joe Hooper: Vietnam soldier credited with 115 enemy kills in ground combat, 22 the day he earned the MOH
1933-1995 Adelbert Waldron: Vietnam US Army sniper with 109 confirmed kills
1931-2007 Zhang Taofang: Chinese Korean War sniper, 214 kills in 32 days
1924-1999 Lloyd L. Burke: MOH Korean War, killed 100 men, 2 mortar, 3 machine gun nests
1924-1971 Audie Murphy: most decorated American ww2, fought off a company from a burning tank
1924-2004 Matthaus Hetzenauer- German ww2 sniper, 345 kills
1922-present Hiroo Onoda: guerrilla fighter surrendered 30 years after ww2 was over
1922-1993 Erich Hartmann: German ww2 ace, 352 aerial victories, 1,404 combat missions
1921-1945 Kurt Knispel: German ww2 tank ace, 168 destroyed enemy tanks
1921-2008 Leo Major: captured a city single handed in WW2
1919-1942 Hans-Joachim Marseille: German ww2 ace, 158 victories over western forces
1919-present Ivan Sidorenko: Russian ww2 sniper, 500 kills
1918-1991 Poon Lim: survived alone on a life raft for 133 days, ate sharks
1916-1982 Hans-Ulrich Rudel: ww2 german stuka pilot, 2,530 combat missions, 800 vehicles, 519 tanks, 150 artillery pieces, a destroyer, two cruisers, one Soviet battleship, 70 landing craft, 4 armored trains, several bridges and nine aircraft which he shot down.
1916-1974 Lyudmila Pavlichenko: Russian ww2 sniper, 309 confirmed kills
1915-1991 Vasily Zaytsev: Russian ww2 sniper, 242 verified kills
1914-1942 Michael Wittmann: German ww2 tank ace, 138 tanks, 132 anti-tank guns
1913-1994 Johannes Steinhoff: German ww2 ace 176 aerial victories
1908-1994 Charles Upham: New Zealand ww2, 2VCs, and some awesome escapes as a POW
1908-1975 Otto Skorzeny: German ww2, led a series of daring raids, rescued Mussolini
1906-1996 Jack Churchill: WW2 soldier fought with broadsword and bow
1905-2002 Simo Hayha: Winter War Finnish sniper 505 confirmed kills, +200 submachinegun
1898-1971 Chesty Puller: most decorated U.S. Marine in history 5 Navy Crosses
1892-1918 Manfred von Richthofen: Red Baron, German ww1, 80 air combat victories
1891-1952 Francis Pegamagabow: Canadian ww1 sniper, 378 kills, 300 captures
1887-1964 Alvin C. York: most decorated ww1 American, killed 28, captured 132, and 32 mchguns
1886-1943 Billy Sing: Australian ww1 sniper: 150 confirmed kills
1873-1937 Daniel Daly: 2MOH, killed 200 in Boxer Rebellion
1837-1876 Wild Bill Hickok: lawman, duelist, and gambler shot between 30 and 100 men
1824-1900 Liver-Eating Johnson: 12 year one man war against Crow Indians
1823-1887 John Prettyjohns: first VC recipient Cremea War, ran out of bullets, used rocks instead
1816-? Jonathan R. Davis: killed 11 bandits with 2 pistols and a bowie knife
1796-1836 James Bowie: knife fighter, frontiersman, soldier, died at the Alamo
1785-1865 Jean-Louis Michel: Napoleonic fencer, defeated 13 opponents in 40 minutes
1780-1833 Hugh Glass: killed bear with knife, left for dead, crawled 200 miles to safety
1763-1808 Lewis Wetzel: Indian Hunter, guerrilla sniper
1754-1834 Richard Martin: fought over 100 duels with swords, knives, and pistols, survived 2 shipwrecks
1664-1730 Donald McBane: swordsman, soldier, gambler, pimp, and author
1584-1645 Miyamoto Musashi: victor of 60 sword duels
1473-1524 Pierre Terrail: French soldier held off 200 Spanish soldiers at a bridge during the Battle of Garigliano
1147-1219 William Marshal: defeated 500 knights in tourneys
996-1031 Grettir Ásmundarson: Icelandic outlaw 20 years, fought multiple opponents at a time
910-990 Egill Skallagrimson: viking, pirate, mercenary, duelist, poet
48BC Marcus Cassius Scaeva: Caesar's greatest soldier
54BC Titus Pullo: Roman Centurion, played a great game of chicken with another soldier
d.479BC Aristodemos: Spartan survivor of Thermopylae, hero of the Battle of Plataea
508BC Horatius Cocles: held an army off at a bridge until it could be destroyed