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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

A Mode of Dedicated Unified Efforts to Real Prosperity with Revival of Faith.

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Peace be on you. The development requires keeping passions alive for aim and guarding the promises made for that. When it comes to those who choose to have aim to make peace in the world by reminding humanity that they need to pay rights of God and they need to pay rights of fellow human. They practice first what they tell others and they carry vigor to serve humanity.

The essentials of the subject are described in Holy Quran with examples of :

1- A mother-to-be who dedicated her child for the sake of faith (Holy Quran 3:36).

2- A fatherís nurturing of his son in the cause of God (such that); the son was ever ready for sacrifice with patience (37:103).

3- A group / body of faithful, as methodology, who learn faith-matters and then pass it on to their people -- light from light. The purpose is to inivite to goodness, enjoin equity and forbid evil. That brings real prosperity (3:105) and (9:122).

The Law of God / Shariah provides insight to make distinction between good and bad. According to Holy Quran, God has chosen Islam for people as religion. (5:4).

It is the promised time, when understanding of the real peaceful message of Holy Quran is needed the most to be praticed to earn pleasure of God and to save humanity from chaos. To achieve this purpose, according to Holy Khalifah, God has established the Community of Promised Messiah. The Community has systems of dedication of life for faith. These include, uniquely, the mothers-to-be and fathers in this Community to present and rasie their children for the sake of faith. It is called Waqf e Nau (Dedication of youngs). The children has to attest the offering of parents when they grow up. After acceptance, they become part of system under Khilafat. The method ensures the continous availability of those who systematically take the divine message [pay rights to God and rights to people, pratice first, serve humanity with enthusiasm] to near and far --everywhere.

The parents of such children and officials of the system are expected to remain mindful all along the way in the upbringing of dedicated children.

Some of the accepted children study in religious institutions (i.e. Jamia of Community) in UK, Germany, Canada, Ghana, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. The other children are directed to study certain subjects according to need and God-gifted talent.

Both groups are expected to learn primarily the Holy Quran and its commentary [e.g. 5-volume English Commentary at alislamDOTorg/quran] , Books of Promised Messiah [which explains beautiful peaceful teachings of Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (pbuh) - same site], Sermons of Holy Khalifah of Promised Messiah [which explain the faith and contempory issues -- same site], Local language, Arabic, Urdu and Special Course material written for growing young people.

They have to do humble prayers, acquire indepth knowledge and keep passions for humanity. Prayed Holy Khalifah in sermon at alislamDOTorg of 18 Jan 2013: May these children fulfill their promise. May such children become delight of their parentsí eyes. May they are included in those who take the divine message of peace to the world.

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