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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

God Exists.Odacious things on name of God means --Time of revival of faith.

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Existence of God
Peace be on everyone.

Part 1
1) Since ancient, when no modern means of communication existed and people did not know about other places and others’ thoughts, there have been always existed an idea of supeme being at each place simultaneously. Lots of people could not have the idea of God unless they were told by God. (e.g. Aborigine ancient tribes of Austarlia)

2) It is not correct to think that initial human worshiped forces of nature out of fear. Fear of things does not make anyone to fall prostrate to worship, such fear makes one to run away.

3) The people who never spoke little lies in wordly matters, when they bear witness about God, their testimony cannot be denied. Trustworthy truthful people of high morals and character exists in all nations. Blesseds trustworthy of India (Ramchander and Krishan), trustworthy of Iran (Zoroaster), trustworthy of Egypt (Moses), trustworthy of Nazareth (Jesus), trustworthy of Panjab (Guru Nanak), chief of all trustworthies (Muhammad) and his ardent devotee (Promised Messiah Mahdi and Successors / Khulafa in this era) bore / bear witness about God.

4) Human nature dislike certain acts because of awe of Some Power. Compass-loke faculty of distinguishing between good and evil is planted by Someone.

5) Systematic, well designed, harmozied universe is not developed by itself.

6) Each creatue is evolved with appropriate powers and limbs. Human need to think and write so has appropriate brain fingers. Cat do not need to write, its paws are good for hunt.

7) Evolution was not blind. It was directed by a Director.

8) Unity of God is established by God Himself through Prophets. After passage of time, corruption in thoughts and deeds come in. Again, Prophets of God are sent for reform. Both kind of Prophets speak against norms of current time, they forecast their vistory, all odds are against them. Eventually they get success. It is the decree of God.

9) Accepatnce of prayers is a direct proof that God exists. True dreams are specimen embedded in every human. Prophets’ revelations are very refined true dreams.

10) When boat is about to sink [or something of that magnitude in life], all curtains and veils are removed and human hearts call God.

=== Further relevant material and discussion at length in online book “Revelation, Rationality Knowledge and Truth” particularly Part 111, by fourth Holy Khalifah of promised Messiah in alislmDOTorg

Part 2
Symptoms of Odious things on the name of God means that it is time for revival in religion. In the case of Islam, Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) foretold many signs of such era (ongoing time of spiritual weakness) and remedy as coming of promised reformer with continuation of his Khilafat. Amidst the general on going decline of Islamic world, subject is of extreme imporatnce; the course passes through persecution and patience. The above mentioned site belongs to promised revival.


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