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A note from Janine

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Hi everyone. Thanks for all of your heartfelt concern. I turned the computer off during the storm and have been glued to the tv set ever since - the images are stunning. Thankfully I am safe and sound and so is the rest of my family; we didn't even get a drop of water in the house - basements inclued - and the power did not go off. The storm was something to talk about, but we were prepared and most of the bad stuff happened down by the coastline, although the rain and wind here were pretty crazy at times and a bit unnerving. It must have been horrifying at the Jersey shore and parts of NY and RI. Yes, Virgil it looks quite descimated at the Jersey coast (about 60 miles from here) and much of the beautiful boardwalks were detroyed, but most importantly, the flooding of homes and destruction appear (by the news coverage) to be as a war zone - so sad and so tragic for all concerned. I can't imagine it, and it has to be cold by now for those poor people. I think by now over 90 people have perished and yes, Virgil, many from standing under a falling tree (better let the dog stay in next time) wink. From the news reports on TV Breezy point looks worse and Hobogan was under water by 4 ft or so. Staten Island did look very hard hit. I am greatful that Virgil and his family are fine and barely affected except for power. Did it resume for you, V? I will keep all of you updated as things happen since it will take a huge effort to begin the cleanup I am sure.


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    It's so good to hear from you, Janine. Glad you and you're family are safe. Please stay in touch.
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    Hi Janine,
    I’m so glad you are safe. How about your son and his family?
    I’ve also seen pretty scary images on the news. It’s all very tragic no doubt.
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    I'm glad you're safe and sound. It's been a while since we talked. my friend. I hope things are well. Send me an email to update me with all you had going on. But Snowqueen has a good question. Hope you're son and his family came out well in this, especially that wonderful granddaughter of yours.

    Unfortunately the death number keeps creeping up. So sad. Today I was driving around Staten Island and it's mostly unaffected. Except for some downed trees and long gas lines at gas stations that actually have gas, you wouldn't think anything had happened. It's a tiny area by the south shore that got really whacked.
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    This is so weird - last night I came on and there was no way to answer all of your posts.

    Good friends, ALL are well in my family. My son and Brooke and his wife, Michelle recently came back from their vacation in Disney World, Florida and even though it drizzled the first few days the whole trip was marvelous. I went to their house after and saw the video my son took of the whole experience. Brooke loved flying and she was crazy over everything in magical Disney World. I was so happy to see that. She is 4 and very much into the "princess" stage and also adores Mickey Mouse, Minnie, etc. She loved the castle lunch and met with all the 'real' princesses...she was mesmerized but not shy at all going up to each to meet them. She loved the character breakfast and huging Mickey himself. Get this - she is swimming now...and she went up a huge water slide and right down into 3 ft of water and swam across. My son has a video camera that is waterproof - what a thrill to see her so happy. She also loved the rollar coaster and had to go up it several times. Her favorite Epcot country was Germany and the beer garden with the accordian player and all the dancing...she loves to dance. She had a ballet recital back in the summer.
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    My mother is doing well - she participates in the activities at the center and eats well now - she likes the food actually. She gained weight which she needed and she has a lovely roomate and she is more coherent now than before. I would bring her home if it were not for her overall care such as lifting and incontinince. But she seems satisfied to live there and to accept the 'round the clock' help.

    I have been fixing the house up and it takes a lot of time. Construction people (now the painter/handyman) sure keep a person waiting. The living room is the last project but he has failed to come and paint the window frames and do a few other minor repairs/adjustments. I am in my glory otherwise "home decorating" which has always been a passion. I hope last to turn the back room into a craft/sewing center and can't wait to get more organised. When I am done I will post photos for all to see. I am grateful that I have such a lovely home and that we were unscathed by the huricanne. It is not easy being alone and maintaining everything. I try to handle my fiances so that I can make money by spending it. I just bought to space heater, so as to save on my oil heating bill....things like that. I am trying to be smart with my money since finances are a bit tight. But redecorating the house sure has been a trial but great fun at times.
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