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Sons of the Devil Dream

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I had another interesting dream today, although it's not very long and kind of crazy. There was some crazy stuff about some evil people wanting to get into a cute looking house which was kind of already in a house, making it a very ornate doll house I suppose. There were some toys outside and I propped up a large, freestanding, toy giraffe by a wall and the bad guy started trying to saw it's legs off because I'd hidden something important inside. To protect this giraffe and other stuffed toys I tried to move them into the doll house where the bad guys can't come in without an invitation.

Then a rather square card comes out of the giraffe but it's actually one of either 100 or 1000 (can't quite remember which) mystical jigsaw pieces and the one who finds it isn't the bad guy. It's the hero of our story who is actually one of numerous illegitimate sons of the devil. The bad guy is his half brother (another son of the devil).

The good brother now has all the pieces of the magical jigsaw which he keeps on his belt and the evil brother wants them for the magical power they possess. He tries to convince the good brother to join him. Then we all end up in an exam room taking this impossible test where the questions are completely made up. I think it was a "pass this test and we'll let you go" kind of deal. But like I said, the test was rigged.

Eventually the good brother snaps and stabs the evil brother with his pencil. He was actually going with intent to kill but it ended up in the shoulder, hardly life threatening. While the bad brother is recovering from this attack the good brother runs away with a girl with round glasses and a blue, square patch on her leg, for some reason. They're being chased by the enemy and the girl suddenly starts becoming weak.

Apparently this is during a time called "Angel Week" where some weird stuff happens. In the girl's case it makes her weak. They rush into, what looks like a church. It's abandoned save for a bizarre pink and green dog like creature which is heavily chained up inside.

The good brother ignores this, trying to save the girl, who's dress is shrinking for some reason and the blue patch on her leg has now spread to most of her body. It's implied that he'll come back to the creature later when he has the time. It's also implied that this is a very powerful demon which has been trapped in the abandoned church due to it's awesome power. But when the good brother releases it, it will become completely loyal to him, giving him the chance to defeat his, much stronger, brother.

I was waiting for this scene to occur but at that point mum came in and opened the curtains. I didn't get back to sleep.

Bluebiird out.
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    Boys will be boys, even in dreams.