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Don Quixote Review--The True Beginning

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In starting the process of tranfering my Facebook posts re Don Quixote I discovered a preface I had written there which I am NOW puting here--but with an attempt to correct numerous typos.

Attempting to read Don Quixote by Cervantes--74 chapters with the encouragement of my first friend on an certain website almost six years ago now--the only LADY I have ever known to read Rider Haggard though I also count myself a friend to another who LOVES H. G. Wells--I can take or leave him. I managed Great Expectations and even made it through War and Peace so this actually should be a snap.

I plan on a chapter a day to avoid becoming burned out and also meet a goal. I DID however skim over a HUGE translator's prefix but DID read Cervantes intro. Many years ago as a preteen I got at least half way through the book so this is an unfinished reading goal. Then perhaps after that it's time the King James Bible got dusted off for the fourth or maybe fifth time. Am certain I have read the entire Bible at least three times--which is actually VERY pathetic. Sigh

Don Quixote Chapter 2--To my great surprise the chapter was a short one or so it seems on Litnet where I'm reading it online and it contains the illustrations rendered by Gustave Dore (famous also for Biblical drawings). I vaguely remembered Sancho Panza would not be introduced right away so no surprise there. Cervantes is excellent at setting the tone for our hero's imaginings while being very tactful about what's really going on. Any author that can make a leisurely all day ride in the sun and the day here is VERY hot in real life is worth following. While still a huge Rafael Sabatini fan it still is nice to see words put together so well and to such effect.

Don Quixote--Chapter 3--Our hero gets himself properly knighted (to his satisfaction at least) by an innkeeper whom he mistakes for a Knight in a castle. The charm of this ceremony is the view of Don Quixote fully believing in his authorization to begin the knightly quest for deeds and valor and get himself a good start. The contrast is the reality about him. He actualy acquits himself quite well in defending his property being mishandled and it's good to know he's not a pushover.

Don Quixote Chapter 4---Well our hero means well but things never seem to quite work out. His first attempt to right a beating of a servant misfires simply because after he leaves the scene of the crime, the beating continues anyway. Later he himself receives what I suspect is the first of many beatings of his own to come. It's sad seeing this very oddly dignified and earnest man left in the dust of his dreams.


  1. LadyLuck's Avatar
    I have yet to ever tackle this one. Right now I have Asimov's Foundation series that I'm getting ready to start. With the time I have to read lately, that will take me... oh a year or two
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    Are you just reading the original three books or the sequekls he added on YEARS later??? I have never read them -mostly because the overall plot idea made no sense to me-
  3. LadyLuck's Avatar
    It's just the original three.
  4. Captain Pike's Avatar
    Some years back, I thought I read this book. I enjoyed it from the get-go and had no trouble understanding it, Don Quixote's disgust with home life and how his adventure had begun. I got the idea right off that he wasn't tuned in to reality, but it was kind of refreshing in a Mr. Magoo kind of way.

    I couldn't see why anybody had a hard time with it. Whats all the fuss? To me it was not much more than, "Go Dog Go", by PD Eastman. I figured I was a pretty smart guy relatively.

    Somehow, my mother and I got into an argument about how arduous a book it was. So finally I went and brought the book I had read to her. After all, I had gotten from my parents house. She laughed, and then pointed out how the book I held in my hand was a special edition for grade school children, being completely translated into words of one and two syllables.

    Never argue with a librarian about a book
  5. mtpspur's Avatar
    Good to hear from oyu and I'm in Book Two Chapter 26 by now but in a boring section. Determined to finish it off and post reviws here --slowly.
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    I would think you're going to enjoy it Rich. I certainly did. I consider it one of the best novels ever written. There is a slow spot somewhere two thirds in, but just get through that. Ultimately the story is both funny and sad.
  7. Adolescent09's Avatar
    I love Don Quixote. Easily on my list of top 30 favorite classics. The part where Sancho Panza drinks of the 'knightly potion' and vomits, furthermore remonstrating Quixote about the imprudence of giving him the drink in the first place because he is not a 'knight' had me guffawing. The entire book felt like a roller coaster ride of fun. Loved both 'Knight of the Lions' and 'Knight of the Rueful Figure' equally. Guess I'm just weird
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