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Deer Hunter In Training

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Heh. Bit of a misleading title. We took Yuki shopping today to the pet shop. She's been there twice before. The first time we had her weighted to work out how much frontline to give her and second to get her a proper collar. Her current range of collars are black with bone shaped studs, very classy but the ring in them keeps breaking so we're going to try a stronger one this time.

The second time I was able to hypnotise her buy letting her watch the guinea pigs running around in the pen. She couldn't see them this time because of the frosted glass but she was mesmerised by some dwarf hamsters. Ah when I wanted to get a hamster I did dream of it being a dwarf hamster they're so small and cute, but since my hands are bigger than when I was little maybe I should stick to regular hamsters.

Yuki loves going for car rides but we rarely have anywhere to take her. We bought a car harness from a shopping channel but we haven't taken her out since we got it (since she hasn't been able to come and see my family again).

Her stitches are quite good but haven't gone yet. One seems to have popped out but it's not cut or frayed. She's developed something that looks like a rash down there but the vet at pets at home said it was probably fine but if we were concerned we should consult our vet.

She's gone up by about 2-3 kilograms since the first time we had her weighed but she's been eating all her meals (before the spaying she'd go a day or two without eating food but snaffling down the odd treat). She loves the smell of that place, the people, the treats and mostly the animals. She goes crazy sniffing everything. She particularly loves the rawhide section because they're not wrapped.

While perusing the rawhide section I came across some pieces of deer antler being sold as chews. It seemed interesting yet ridiculous. As if Yui would eat antler. I let her sniff one and she tried to take it. I didn't let her because I didn't want her nibbling one unless we were buying it for her so I found a reasonably straight one and persuaded mum to get it. Yui really seemed to want it, more than the rawhides. Unfortunately they are quite expensive but Yui really seems to like it.

It's pretty cool that antlers can be made into dog chews and it's not like you have to kill the stag. They shed their antlers every year. They're supposed to be long lasting and good for the dog's teeth. If I put it on her head she looks like a unicorn or a dinosaur because it's a long piece kind of shaped like a horn. There were more antler like pieces but I thought a smoother one would be best for our first encounter with it.

It's making me wonder how Yui would react is she met a real deer. She'd probably react to the strange animal rather than the antlers but she might have a go at the antlers given the chance.

I'm glad we got to take her out, she really seemed to enjoy it.

I had a hard time putting her in the car though. She jumped in right away but she sat on the seatbelt I needed to thread through the harness (It's our first time using it) so I had to pull her out of the way but she didn't like that and was thinking of nipping me. Also, since she's shedding at the moment, both me and the car got covered in hair.

It's dangerous not to have a proper harness for car rides because in an accident the dog can get hurt but more importantly they can be thrown forwards and crush you (you know, like those adverts saying passengers must wear seatbelts and can crush those in front, it's the same for dogs). Also it stops her moving around too much and distracting mum and stops her falling off the seat.

Anyway, that'll do for now.

Bluebiird out.

Also, those sweet peas I planted for mum are really doing well. They've been blooming like mad and are really vibrant. The ones outside are a deep pink that bleed to white and the inside ones are bright pink that fades to white or a beautiful deep pink and purple blend, one side is pink and the other is purple, that fade to white. It's pretty amazing and we love spotting new blooms. We have some pods growing too so if we're lucky we might get a couple of seeds for next year. I've been meaning to mention this sooner but I kept forgetting.

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Theysay that spaying makes them put on a little weight. I've spayed both my dogs when they were pups, so I didn't see it. I've never seen deer antlers as chew toys. That's interesting. I've seen hooves. I can't recall from what animal they get them from: cows, pigs? Here they are from a pet supply: I've also seen pig ears for dogs to chew on in the pet stores.

    I need to get a harness for our dog. A number of times she's fallen forward when I come to a hard stop.
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    Ah, Yuki's day out, I love pet stores myself.

    The flowers sound beautiful, all the colors. And you sound happy, and that's good.