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Anyone going back through my blog might notice some minor entries missing or altered. Fear not. I decided to do a little tidying. I've wondered if my blog takes up too much space in cyberspace and thought a little cleaning would be good for me. So far I've just deleted a few things regarding my novel. You know how I'm paranoid about that stuff, even though I changed some names and details before uploading it just for that reason. I was going to just get rid of them but one or two had some other stuff in them so I just deleted the necessary information. It didn't seem like anyone cared about them but if you did sorry about that. But if anyone did care be sure to keep following me now and then, if I ever get published I'll be sure to tell you about it and you can read about them then.

In other news.
It's been raining so much. It's depressing. I made a Teru teru bōzu in hopes of getting some good weather.
Remember how I wanted to get a hamster? Well now I want to get a rat. Regardless it's unlikely that I'll get one any time soon it's just a dream at the moment.
Yuki's stitches are all good, according to the vet. They're dissolving stitches, didn't know that. They should be gone in a couple of weeks. But he tells us she's all healed up now. She still has stubble on her belly and her paw where they shaved her but it's growing nicely. She seems to be her usual happy self. I'm glad.
The veterinary nurses' samoyed was put down, she was 17 and she told mum about a segment on huskies yesterday on breakfast TV. No idea which channel though. Apparently it was about how huskies are becoming something of a fashion statement but are being abandoned because of their difficult nature. They're rising to be the most neglected/mistreated/abandoned dogs after the staff (Staffordshire Bull Terrier).

That's horrible. And trust me, huskies aren't easy. Once you get used to them they're fine but if you haven't researched them you're in for a shock.
When people think of dogs perhaps they think of;
Letting the dog run around off lead
Leaving it in the garden
Only having one
Gentle walks in the park on a Summers day.
It'll be fine if I leave it to go to work
Just a toy or two and it'll be occupied for hours
A dog groomer will deal with the fur

Ha. Most of that isn't true for regular dogs but for huskies it's certainly not.
No matter how well trained the husky must never be let off lead (unless in an enclosed area)
Huskies are notorious for escaping and digging. If you are proud of your garden do not buy a husky.
Huskies are very sociable dogs. They get lonely so unless someone stays at home they'll need a companion.
This goes without saying but having a dog means walking it in all weathers including wind, rain, snow and humidity.
The husky is not gentle when walking. Far from it. They have a very powerful chest and shoulders. They are incredibly strong and will pull a lot. Picture a little work horse and you'd be pretty close.
If left alone and unoccupied the husky is prone to random acts of destruction.
Huskies are very intelligent (so I'm told) and will get bored easily. You must work to entertain them. One toy will not be enough. They like a challenge.
Hahahahaha. You like your carpets, soft furnishings, wearing the colour black perhaps? Do. Not. Buy. A. Husky. Although pretty normal when it comes to shedding they have a massive shedding twice a year. It'll start small, with tons of fur being rubbed all over their bed but then the husky develops little tufts that you can pluck. Brushing the husky every day for a week or so (depending on now fast it happens, Yui's is quite slow because she's an indoor dog) is advisable at this point if you love your furniture because that fur gets absolutely everywhere and I mean everywhere. Ever your under garments are not safe from a few stray husky hairs.

They are very cute. They can be very loving. They are very gentle. They are energetic. They are intelligent. The husky is a lovely pet but they do have more quirks than your average mongrel.

I know I've put stuff like this up before but it doesn't hurt to do it again. Perhaps if you know someone who wants a husky, or know someone who knows someone you can tell them this and they'll think twice about it.
Oh, I forgot one. The husky is a hunter. No really they are. Cats, small dogs, poultry and rodents. You must keep a close eye on your dog around any wildlife smaller than it, especially something prone to running. No matter how well trained the husky if it sees prey you can't control it. On the plus side this does make the husky very good for killing spiders. We had one the other day and before I thought to get up I ordered that Yuki kill it. It was between us and the spider tub and she'd already seen it. I kind of hoped she'd just stun it. She got up and just smacked her paw down on it. It took a few more smacks and attepts to eat it before it died though. A shame, I'd have liked to let it live but I won't cry over it.
Also the husky is not for warmer climates and it more prone to heatstroke in warmer weather. Be sure to keep an eye on your husky at time like this and look for any signs of overheating.

That is all.
Damn this became another long one.
Bluebiird out.

One more thing. Huskies aren't loyal They'll go off with anyone who feeds them

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  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Hmmmm---I once in a Drama Queen mood deleted everything but then got Logos to restore it. I leave them all now. My better posts were in the early days especially when I got around to recounting past glories. ALways good to know oyu are still coming along well yourself.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    I noticed you mentioned the rain. Hope you have good weather for the Olympics. Are you anywhere near the events? The news has been so depressing lately that I'm looking forward to something positive. Glad to hear Yuki is doing well.
  3. Bluebiird's Avatar
    I made sure not to delete anything I cared about or would regret.

    To be brutally honest I don't much care about the Olympics, never have. Actually I've been hating it ever since we got it. Mainly because I'm far from sporting. The only time I show much of any national pride for a sporting event is the world cup and even then my interest wanes quickly. Thinking of all the promotions for the Olympics in London draws my mind back to my school. About 3 years before I left it became a sports college. Meaning they tried to focus on sport. I hate the idea that that dump might have anything to do with the Olympics or benefit from it in any way.
    On a brighter note, the weather's brightened up a little .
  4. Virgil's Avatar