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Ah. I had another weird dream. But before that, I was given some incorrect information last time. The injection that I thought caused the drug rash was actually during the operation. There were no injections at her follow up appointment. They did however put in the dilating eye drops. They always ask if she's allergic to anything before they put them in. The answer is always no. She came off of the course of antibiotics a few days before the appointment and assumed it was out of her system. Apparently not. I got mad about this and sat in my room on my old laptop from uni. The poor thing's very neglected now. I don't have much on there anymore except for a story I started a while ago about a girl who finds a robot and they become friends. I think the story would be best suited to a shojo manga. So I spent the night working on that.

I got mad because it didn't hit me until then that this could've been very dangerous. Since she got this cough that makes it hard to breathe on occasion I became alarmingly aware of the fact she's going to die. Assuming that both of us are able to live a healthy and normal lifespan then she'll die before me, that won't change, unless I die first. But our deaths and the death of all living things is inevitable. It's just a matter of time. I don't like to think about it. In fact, I try my hardest not to think about it but sometimes you can't help but think about it. This woman has been there from the very moment I was born, before in fact. What will I do when she's not here? That scares me.

Also, another reason I got mad is that earlier that week I told her to mention the amoxicillin when she went, just in case but she forgot. This is part of a recurring problem with us. She never listens to me. It makes me angry. She's the closest person to me in all of existence and half of the time she doesn't even listen to me. That really gets me down.

But still. I'd previously looked up treatments for hives. We confirmed them to be hives since she found some in the morning that weren't red raw from scratching. Antihistamines were recommended. Antihistamines are generally used in allergy medication. Since we believe taking pills caused this I suggested an antihistamine cream. She went to the pharmacy the next morning asking about treatment for hives. They gave her a camomile cream and advised she see her doctor. That was what got her into this mess in the first place. She went anyway and explained her situation. The receptionist wanted to know what doctor treated her. She didn't know. It was a locum since our regular doctor wasn't in. She gave up and went to work.

I had a locum once. It was when I had the blood test. My results were on the computer but he didn't know how to work it properly. He said it was all fine but how do I know he was looking at the right results? I guess he was. I would've liked to ask what my blood type was, just out of curiosity but I didn't want to wait around for this computer illiterate guy so I didn't bother.

The camomile came in a little pot and she had a lot of hives so we tried to use it sparingly. At night I put it on her back for her. Unfortunately this included the backside. She wanted to do it herself but I said it made more sense for me to do it since I could see what I was doing. What a role reversal. 24 years ago she'd have been rubbing cream on my backside for a rash. I was using my tissue method for before to get an even coverage. I'm hoping the extreme embarrassment of this incident will make her think more carefully in the future.

I did wonder if people might interpret this as a complex. Then I began to wonder what the complex would be called. An Oedipal complex it boys and their mothers and an Electra complex is girls and their fathers, at least I think that's it. So what term is used for girls and their mothers or boys and their fathers? Then it made my head hurt a little (to be fair it was late and I was tired) so I gave up. Besides, there's a big difference between a complex and practicality.

It seems to have worked. The hives are pretty much gone but the cough hasn't. Neither has the burping that accompanied the dry retching. Makes me wonder if those were really antibiotics they gave her. She'll make sure to mention all this at her next eye appointment.
Oh, and by the way I'm better now too. Told you I would be.

So. Onto my weird dream. Are any of you familiar with the TV series Sanctuary or Being Human? (I hear that there is an American version of Being Human. In my experience American remakes of British TV shows are always terrible. Get your own ideas or just rip people off via the film industry.) It's not important if you have or haven't seen these shows. They're not integral to the plot. I was in a strange mixture of these two shows.
We were monitoring a woman who was either a mutant or an alien, it was never explained in detail. Her appearance was outwardly human but she had a bizarre ability. She defecated uranium...or was it plutonium? I prefer to say uranium either way, it's just easier. Now this uranium came out as a luminous blue liquid. We had to evacuate because of the radiation and my companion, an OCD ghost was complaining about the toilet she'd just cleaned and how it wouldn't be used anymore because of the radiation. I had he more pressing matter of trying to get her out. Not sure if ghosts can get radiation poisoning but that didn't matter since now she was alive anyway.

It seems that this woman was in serious danger though and her extreme diarrhoea was a combination of the fact that she was in the early stages of pregnancy and that she was a recovering drug addict. She had recently taken drugs, or been forced to take them. Also her boyfriend, who we didn't meet but knew of, was a terrorist who forced her to take drugs to keep her compliant. Naturally, she was a valuable resource for making bombs and such. Not quite sure how we managed to get hold of her though. That was never explained.
That's all for that.
Then I was either at a cinema or an arcade and I was watching some people taking part in an activity. You put on 3D glasses and slid down a pole to start the game. I first watched people take part and then I joined in. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be an interactive film or an interactive game. I'd guess it was a game. You slide down the pole into a busted up command centre on a space station and your commander is giving you instructions. We're told to aim for the body but a bullet to the head will kill them for sure. And give you bonus points, though it's easier to shoot the body. Along the way you pick up memory chips from the main computer that are scattered through the game. They're not necessary for completion but you get bonus points. If you get them all you'll find out what happened and why. You're given an gun and some ammo and off you go. For some reason I spent a lot of time exploring a market/food court kind of place as if it was a normal day. I picked up a few guns and upgrades along the way but for some reason I'd put a plant in my main weapon slot and when my commander told me about my mistake I was trying to fix it when we were attacked by zombies.

I think we respawned at a later plot point. There's a group of us and were cornered. Aliens are above and below us. One group will take one elevator up and the other will take the other down and one group will stay here (by the way, not sure why we said elevator instead of lift. Must have been an American game) The silver elevator mustn't be used in a fire...or is the only one that can be uses in a fire or something. The silver one is special and must not be used but must be protected. I realise too late that the zombies (they're zombies again) are already inside and both groups are vulnerable to attack but our commander, who is now the only one with me, can't recall them in time and they're attacked. Then our dead, and freshly turned, comrades come in to attack us but some have been shot in the head so it's harder to execute the certain kill headshot (not sure how that worked). to make matters worse, I'm the only one with a gun and there are too many of them. Now I have to protect the commander as well as myself.
I hate zombies. I've developing somewhat of a phobia of them. Thankfully, whenever I have a really scary dream (it's not always that the actions of the dream are scary, it's more the intent and the sense of imposing dread) I get a queasy feeling in my stomach and wake up. I woke up at that point. Actually. I think the radioactive woman came after this dream...or maybe not. I woke up twice . Once because of a cramp like feeling in my foot and then because of the stomach. I think I had three separate dreams but I can't remember the other one. Oh, by the way. I don't actually like war games and due to my terrible hand eye coordination I suck at first person shooters. So, anyone care to take a stab at these dreams?

Bluebiird out.
Oh, and I recently started writing my novel again. It's going well so far. I shall say no more.
Ah. The dog just boroke down the doggy gate and mum's trying to make friends with a robin.

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  1. qimissung's Avatar
    That was an interesting amalgam of information!

    I had that same thing happen with my mother-when I realized she was going to die-but I was much older than you when it happened. I'm reading this book, and came across this wonderful quote:

    "We know that we come from the winds, and that we shall return to them; that all life is perhaps a knot, a tangle, a blemish in the eternal smoothness. But why should this make us unhappy? Let us rather love one another, and work and rejoice."

    Which I think you are doing.

    The first dream in particular sounds like it would make a good short story.

    Good luck with the novel (or should I say break a leg?)
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Doctors/nurses always (at least around here) ask if the patient is allergic to any medications. Since I'm always taking my mother to doctors I usually answer for her, and I tend to phrase it, "not that we've found yet." They are usually do a double take with that since they expect a yes or a no. But I answer it that way so it makes them consider what they're doing. After all, because she's never come across a medication she's allergic to yet, doesn't mean there isn't one she might be.

    Hope your mother is feeling better. I think an antihistamine might have helped. I must have missed the previous blog to know what happened. I'll try to find it now.