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Life in a small town.


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A short poem to celebrate the occasion of Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas Queen, Defender of the Faith's Diamond Jubilee.

That Liz,
Is the Biz,
She is.


  1. LitNetIsGreat's Avatar
    That's brilliant, genius even, well done and thanks for sharing!!

    I can take or leave the royals, I'm not fussed either way to be honest, however, my favourite royal is Charles. He is a rock star! Here's my major epic poem to celebrate him:

    Charles You are Cool

    Charles, you are cool.
    One day you might rule.
    You are a patron of art,
    That's why you capture my heart.

    Not just that, but...
    Even if I lived in a hut,
    I would think you cool.
    And should definitely rule.

    Charles you are cool.

    Copyright Neely poems, 2012.


    I think all further posts on this blog must include a royal poem. OK, maybe not to the same standard as mine and Mick's, obviously, but at least something, even if it is laughable poor for we all must start somewhere and who knows, for a small fee or the very goodness of our hearts - we might give you some tips..
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    I never cared for aristocracy (must be the American in me) and really I have never understood the people who celebrity watch but especially the celebrity status of aristocracy from other countries. We have a lot of that in the States. But I must say, I have really warmed to Queen Elizabeth. She has such elegance and grace and quiet dignity. She really won me over last Christmas when I came across her annual Christmas message. You can see it here:

    The last three minutes were just so perfect, and it was set up by the first four. I guess being the head of the Church of England, she can delve into religion that way. I wish an American president could do that, but he would be pilloried. I wonder if she wrote that herself or had help. It's a perfect public speech in form and prose, and she delivered it beautifully. She seems to like a rhythm of threes in her prose. As I do.

    I did not see any of the Jubilee, but I heard it went well. Congratulations to her and to you Brits.
  3. Jack of Hearts's Avatar
    Couldn't really give a **** about the aristocracy... well, not the real one anyways. Downton Abbey is good enough.

    Your poem caused a sufficiently pleasant half smirk, mick. Neely's too. This reader has been reading his own pretentious poetry too long so there's that.

  4. TurquoiseSunset's Avatar
    Hehehe, your poem is awesome Mick!
  5. prendrelemick's Avatar
    Thankyou, thankyou. I'll do another one on her Hundredth.
  6. Donovan's Avatar
    I found your little poem quite brilliant, but then I read Neely's post, and quite frankly began to wonder whether you supported this whole 'blue-blood' nonsense. I find the whole idea of royalty so prejudiced and colonial.