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So. The dreams I've had. I'll try to be quick. It's late but I wanted to stay up a little longer but if this takes too long I'll do it again later.

I've had about 4-5 odd dreams, all while I've been sleeping in late (the best time for my subconscious to go crazy so as I can remember it). I can't be sure of all the details, only the overly gripping bits so they're going to be full of holes and the number of holes will be linked to how early in the past week they were. Each title is related to one specific dream from one specific morning, none of these were in the same day. So. In chronological order, as far as I can remember.

Tora the Tiger

After some previously forgotten activity that is not linked to what I am about to tell you, I happened to be in my house. Although (like many dreams) it was my house but for the context of the dream it wasn't, then it was again. There was a young woman with a ginger cat. (my old cat Henry was ginger and white but he was a brighter ginger than most cats I've ever seen, he was more of an orangey ginger, if that makes sense. This cat was a regular ginger cat and nothing like my Henry). It was a young male. Although he was supposed to be a year old he looked younger but even though he was a year old he was still supposed to be a kitten. He was actually bigger than a kitten. I suppose you'd have to say he was of adolescent size.

This woman had had this cat for a year and it had gotten attached to her over that time. But for reasons not disclosed she couldn't keep the cat anymore. She wanted to sell it to us because it had already gotten used to our scent...not exactly sure how that would've happened but hey, dreams are dreams. It was pretty much a case of only we can take this cat now. But she wouldn't just give it to us. We had to buy it. I was determined to have this cat anyway. In fact I'd already thought of a perfect name for him, Tora (it means tiger). I was worried about having a cat when we had two dogs. For some reason we had both Yuki and my aunt's cavalier king charles spaniel Rosie. Not quite sure how that happened either.

Eventually we agreed to buy this cat and the price was negotiated while I was busy trying to work out whether we had one or two dogs. The woman and the cat were gone and I asked what the price had been. We had to buy her some strange (and pretty fanciful therefore nonexistent) sushi. Fortunately we knew a place that could make what she wanted but for some reason she wanted it in November specifically. Since we're in May that's a long way off. It also seemed that we wouldn't get the cat until the payment was made. It was then we concluded that this woman was obviously crazy and had no intention of making a rational argument. I regret that we didn't get the cat but it's probably for the best. I'm pretty sure Yuki would've eaten Tora the second she saw him.

Dude That's My Foot

I was at home and for some reason I was being looked after by a work colleague of my mother. Not sure why I needed babysitting at 24 years old but I do regress quite a bit in dream land. Then of course logic kicks in and I think, what's going on here. Anyway. This guy was looking after me. Somehow, and I'm not sure how, since I don't remember seeing a blade, he cut of the big toe on my left foot. It was an accident and surprisingly it didn't hurt. I was like what the hell dude let's call an ambulance. But he was like no I'll get in trouble and you'll be bothering the doctors if you do. I agreed so I sat down and pushed the severed to back to it's original place, although it had now become the top half of the ball of my foot with four toes on it. The little toe was spared. After a while of holding it in place it magically stuck back together, although I had a little scar where it was. After that I think I ended up going to work in a strange office that was supposed to be my mothers.

The Church of I've Been Playing too Much Sims

Now this was a long one and I can't recall the exact order of everything, but it should make an interesting story nonetheless. I was at a place with a similar layout to the back end of my old school (before it was rebuilt). It consisted of the gymnasium, the dining hall (just opposite the gym) and the doors by the sports hall (Which is just across from the gym). This wasn't actually my school, just laid out in a similar way.

One moment I was in a room with some members of my family. It's the famed family gathering. I think I go out to look around and come back in later. I'm by the doors that would rb the gym or my school and I'm craving chocolate, but there is none. Then I see a wreath like ornament on the door. We got one of these last year, I seem to recall. It has fist sized, star shaped clumps wrapped in purple foil. These are chocolate. It's being used as a decoration so I know it will be noticed if I take one. There are two of them. There are also smaller chocolate stars stuck to the door. I think I can get away with one of these. I try to take one but it turns into a loose screw in the door. How silly to mistake a screw for chocolate. I try again and get one of the stars. How exactly it's stuck to the door I wouldn't like to guess. The star becomes a half eaten bar of chocolate. I put it in my back pocket for later, knowing full well that it will melt.

There are voices from the other side of the door. I'd thought it was just the family talking like usual so I peek in and the hall is full of people. Not just people, it's a congregation. There seems to be a church service going on. I'm quite angry. Why are my non religious family at a church service? No one's died, getting married or having a christening. And why are they there anyway? They're supposed to be entertaining their guests who they barely see.

I end up back in the room with everyone else not at the service. My cousin (the one who is actually touring Australia with her boyfriend right now) is reading a craft magazine, similar to the kind I read but something far more surreal. I pick up one to flip through and find it strangely similar to the knitting magazine I read. I noticed that this one had the same kinds of adverts, layout and the exact same comic strip (the real one does not have comic strips but in the dream it did). I marvel at the contents. There's a two page spread on how to assembly your own under the sea themed umbrella along with a clownfish shaped umbrella and how to attach the seaweed and rock attachments to make it look cool.

The remaining family then head off to the service and there are a few strangers remaining who also don't want to go. I wander around again and come to a library (where the dining hall would be at school). I go in but there are few people there, those that are are heading to the service. I walk around looking for something interesting and am disappointed to find it full or religious books (they don't look religious but I know they are). I wonder to myself why they don't at least have a comic book section (although I actually read manga, not comic books I have always been fascinated by them, I've just never been able to read any). Just as I'm thinking this I spy a comic book section. It's currently closed off but full of posters so I can get an idea of what's in there and whether it's any good. It's not. It's all promotional material for a self published comic book by one of the mindless peons at the library. It wouldn't suit my tastes. I wander out again.

There's a scattered group of people outside who are being directed to the service but don't want to go. When those who want to go are inside the rest of us go outside (through the doors by the sports hall at school) We end up climbing a steep hill which is actually a mountain. We wonder how long it will be before everyone else notices we're gone and whether they'll come after us. It now seems we're planning to start a new community in the mountains until they come to get us. I have the option of purchasing upgrades to make life easier for us, like a new power source which will increase productivity of any farms we build or increase rainfall. I also have the option of upgrading the people. I can pick special items to give people that will enhance their abilities, like the Goth Ring, that will prolong the life of any Goth girl by two hours regardless of her situation. I buy that but then to use it I have to upgrade some girls to Goths. Not exactly sure why. Could be because at that time I'd made a vampire band in the Sims and I'd been playing it most of the weekend for a change of pace.

The Princess

There was a beautiful young princess whose mother, the queen, was jealous of. She decided to step down as queen but arranged it in the most cruel way. The princess had to take a dagger and stab the queen in the heart before her court. The princess didn't want to do it but she did so anyway. For some reason I was very close at this point and was able to feel the blade through the queen's skin (it seems for some reason I was hugging her. Not sure why. I didn't like her).

The scene shifts to my house which once again is not my house but the palace (pretty shoddy palace). I will serve the princess unconditionally and will carry out her every order to the letter, regardless of who it may annoy. i feel sorry for her and want to support her. Today she'll be having dinner with some of her servants. I am to dish up the dinner. Suddenly she changes her mind and wants to go out in the garden so I let her and take back the food from the servants. They're not happy, they've been waiting long enough. But I assume the princess will still be dining with them unless she says otherwise so I make them wait for her. When she comes back the food is cold but she wants to eat now. I have to try and heat up the servant's dried broccoli and cauliflower and cook sausages for the princess. Also, she wants a bath. How can I cook and heat the water for her bath? I assume she still wants to eat, she hasn't said otherwise.

I'm a Vampire Slayer?

I'm a vampire slayer. In fact, for some reason I'm playing the role of Blade (from the films). I know how this script is supposed to go because apparently I've seen this particular film before. I open the door to go into the street and find my rival vampire slayer Alucard (from Hellsing. In fact he looks more like a cosplayer and not the real Alucard but never mind that.) We're supposed to have a sword fight here and I'm supposed to beat him but realism kicks in and I can't fight him properly. Suddenly he changes from a sword to high powered kicks. This is his specialty (it really isn't. The real Alucard shoots things. He doesn't kick but still).

Our fight is halted when we're attacked by an army of vampires. Most of them don't even look like vampire but I know they are. Sometimes my sword fighting is realistic to my nonexistent abilities but now and then I pull of a dramatic inhuman move (this was actually quite nice. Usually in my dreams when I play the hero and have to fight we end up kind of play fighting. Like instead of doing a super jump and kicking someone I'll do and ordinary jump and kick them clumsily and they will fall back as if they're just playing around. It's actually quite sad to watch so I tire of fighting dreams quickly and the plot will shift to something else.) I dispatch a few head vampires by cutting off their heads....head.... But as I'm starting to aim for the necks the fighting slows down to that play fighting I hate. They have to get slower as I line up the blade to take of their heads cleanly and it gets harder to actually cut.

Now I'm near a dark bottomless pit which if I fall into I'll cease to exist but if a vampire falls in they'll just respawn unless I kill them and then they go in the pit, then it's fine. Now I encounter the real head vampire. Before I can fight him I'm attacked by his lesbian servant and her girlfriend. Actually I think they were actually bisexual since they were the love slaves of the guy vampire...not really sure. For the purpose of the story they were lesbian lovers in bikinis...not sure why. I think it's a reference to the film Lesbian Vampire Killers which I've never seen but I've wondered about the concept.

Anyway. I try to cut the head off of the first one but it just won't cut. I try several times but I leave a bit of skin which acts like a hinge. It seems they won't die unless you cut off the whole head. So I kick both her and her girlfriend into the pit. Now the pit kills vampires too.

Another, male, servant of the vampire comes up behind me with his master's gun which is a kind of super powerful space gun and throws it over my head to his master. I'm now as good as dead if I fight these two and Alucard isn't in a position to help me, he's fighting vampires way off in the distance. I perform my last super skilled move before I wake up and slice the gun in half mid air. Without it I have a change of beating these guys.
Alas I woke up then.

But I've Never Read Twilight

I was back at school...or uni. I get these ones a lot. Every time it's because I forgot to do something. (I know I can't be at school or uni now because I graduated both so my brain concludes not that this is a dream but that I forgot to do something the first time around). I was in a classroom of people and the lecturer was talking about a book. It turned out that all four Twilight books were required reading for this course. Are there only four? In the dream it was four. I thought oh crap, I've never read Twilight. I don't even own a copy. But then I did and I'd read the first few pages. This is because my dead uncle (the real dead uncle) had been reading it sometime before he died (not in reality) and when he died his widow gave it to me, since I studied literature and stuff.

Now my dead uncle is not the sort of man to read any book, especially one like Twilight. He's more like Napoleon in character...was I should say, although he was very loud and a little boorish. Neither of them would really read a book unless it was about something that interested them (like trains or Totenham Hotspur) and neither of them would ever read a fiction book. I think I was combining my dead uncle with the one that annoys me. Now he does read books not aimed at his age group. He claims to have read all of the Harry Potter books. There's another lot of books I've never read. Books that are in fashion, that everyone's reading or talking about don't interest me. Ones that have so much merchandise it's unbelievable. To me it just seems like a fad and I stopped going along with fads after...I think it was after Pokemon.

So. That's all I can remember now. Pretty.......varied huh?

It's kind of nice though. With some of these I regretted waking up, usually because I wanted to see the end of the story. I never seem to get to the end of the story, or the end shifts into a new story. It's pretty fun though. You can tell I encounter way too much fiction.

I think it's time to end it now.

Bluebiird out.

On a side note. For a while I've been trying to come up with nicknames in my head for people, befitting my status as a budding Otaku. I've come up with only three so far. It takes a long time. The names are based on usernames and or avatars. Some are pretty easy based on name or avatar but most aren't. I have Okami-san. Yami-san. Taka-san or Kuroi Taka-san if you prefer. I had to look up Taka and/or Kuroi Taka but I already knew what Okami and Yami were. By the way I would be Aoi Tori, Aoi-chan if you prefer. It would be good if I could spell Tori with two I's but that would be silly. I still maintain that the second I in my name is silent anyway, since it sounds silly if someone tries to say it otherwise.
Ah. I only really put this in because I doubt anyone will read this far. Don't hate me if you don't like the names. I won't actually use them.

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    Yeah, it's bizarre. Who needs an imagination when your dreams are so wild. You can get all your writing ideas from a good nap.