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The Education of J.H.S.


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So, finally, three months after saying I wanted to write an essay, I began yesterday. I think the essay is going to end up being a sort of critique of poetry criticism, and will deal heavily with ideas about Deconstructionism, "Death of the Author", and the decentralization of language, and my experiences of viewing the world after the language's true nature has been uncovered to me. Or at least, the nature I perceive. It's not going to be a work of genius, will not even make sense most likely, and will be riddled with flaws, but already I feel that through the writing I am gaining new insights about some common statements we have heard in the last century or so regarding poetry. I think a lot of the ideas we have all been exposed to in a general way have been misunderstood. Or I could misunderstanding things. But at least it's a start, and at least I feel that the ideas floating around are starting to take on a form I can deal with more easily!