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Male dogs...

Why do they have to lift up their fourth leg to urinate...?

And why do they sniff each others butt? Is it for identification?

Once, I had a dog come up and sniff my butt. Needless to say...It tickled...And was uncomfortable.

I immediately said to that dog name "Dude", "Dude, my I.D. ain't in there boy."



  1. LadyLuck's Avatar
    The great mysteries of life
  2. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    *sigh* So true...
  3. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Yes the sniffing is for identification, animals have sent glands located in that area which are animal ID, I believe it helps serve to identify gender.
  4. qimissung's Avatar
    I had some dogs once (collies) that did that to the manager of my apartment-only in the front not the back. She was cool about it, but I was embarrassed, needless to say.
  5. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Muse ~ Hahaha! Yeah, I figure...I just didn't know what he was looking for back there.

    Quimi ~ Hahaha! That would be embarrassing.
  6. CreativeAlien's Avatar
    Why do the dogs have to lift up their fourth leg to urinate...? Because they want to exercise. Check out this funny YouTube video by the way - and hopefully share it to your Facebook wall:
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    Female dogs sniff butts too. All dogs do and that's there way of identifying each other. Their sense of smell is like our sense of sight.