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Legitimising identities

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We live in societies which are so different from each other. When we travel from one place to another there is the necessity to change our perspectives and loyalties to suit the situation in which we find ourselves. We cannot remain the same at all times. The result is that we begin to assume several identities to make ourselves feel comfortable and to fulfill our material and emotional needs.

Should we then be denounced as wearers of masks and as hypocrits untrue to the culture and beliefs of their places of origin? Identities are always in a flux and there is the great need today to shun the age old notions of being true to one self. We now do not have only one self , but several selves , and we may have to remain true to all of them. As we proceed in time and space begin to discover more and more of these selves, and we begin to feel amazed as to how many different selves keep popping out of the one box we call the Self.

All these selves are true because they are born of the self same Self and there is therefore the need to legitimise all these identities.


  1. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    I know exactly what you mean. I have all kinds of identities; work identity, wifey identify, mommy identity, friend identity- but I find at the core of it no matter what hat I am wearing, I try to stay "true" to the self. I don't like being pushed around or bullied and I like to be kind. These two identity conflicts are always at war and fight hard when I wear specific hats. For example, I am kinder to my son and colleagues than I am to my husband. Mr. Jersea need to be beaten back with a broom sometimes! LOL! Yes, it is a vile personality sometimes.

    One other point, I agree that society or culture does play a part in how we present our identity. For further discussion, I'd be glad to answer/discuss any questions you have. I like this topic.
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