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Whatever the weather , remain cheerful. Why bother about tomorrow and be unhappy when today there is life and love. Even if death comes, let him come as a lover you have known for years in your heart but not seen and whom you are yearning to meet .

Cheerfulness comes when you know that you are free from all bondages, even from the bondage of trying to live effectively. Freedom from the necessity to conform or rebel or to do or not to do-- brings in the cheer.

Smile through tsunamis and tornados, and when you sleep, curl into the embrace of oblivion.


  1. sadhana's Avatar
    Friends, it is time to throw off your load of dejection. Cheerfulness should be our trademark.
  2. szwear2012's Avatar
    Good luck my friend!
  3. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    I liked this when I read this originally!