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War and Peace--Over at Last

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I began speed reading through the last books of Tolstoy's epic. As I repeatedly said I do not regret the read but decidedly let down on the awe and wonder factor.

I'm starting to view this book as an emsemble cast that is constantly changing places on stage, saying a few words then moving on.

The wrap up was a let down with only Nicolas getting any real sense of closure.

Pierre is as unbelievable as ever and Nastasha is the real let down. I almost suspect a Disney film could be done since it really just boils down to They All Almost Lived Happliy Ever After--the ones left standing that is.

The others seem to have an epithany before dying except for Petya who would be alive if he had followed orders. There is a place for him on an Away Team from Star Trek any episode.

One by product of all this my regard for Walter Scott has increased--HE gives his characters due attention even if he goes on and on and on about them.


  1. tonywalt's Avatar
    You are very honest, most who don't like War and Peace pretend otherwise - given the long and winding road to read the damn thing!
  2. The Comedian's Avatar
    I've wanted and feared giving over a summer to reading War and Peace. I've read Anna Karenina, didn't like it that much because the character of Anna was infuriating. It's good to hear your review of it.
  3. mtpspur's Avatar
    I have thought about Anna since both AndaveYa and Grace86 highly recommend it. Except I can't get past her throwing herself under a train. Maybe in another year or so. I'm seriously thinking about giving Scott a try to make it up for all my dislike of Ivanhoe on a sick bed most of the book and NOT loving Rebecca--sigh. Society expectations indeed.
  4. mtpspur's Avatar
    I guess Comedian my ultimate complaint with War and Peace is after it's all over you kind of go--Soooo???? Especially the last twelve chapters where I THINK Tolstoy is trying to expalin what history is good for and he lost me pretty quickly with that. The French come, stir things up a bit then leave---and some families have trouble getting along on a fixed income--that's about it.
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  5. LadyLuck's Avatar
    You don't say much to recommend it to me I'm still working through Dorian Gray. It's not bad, I just can't focus.
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    I had a similar let down toward the end. It just got too tedious and one just wished it would end. Plus once Tolstoy started getting philosophic, I started to lose interest. If the novel had been reduced to half, I think it would have been a truly great work. Great characters, great story, great themes, but too over worked.
  7. mtpspur's Avatar
    Ladyluck--not much to recommend it. Even though it was long I felt so much of it was undeveloped. If Tolstoy for instance had put the kind of work into it for instance when he did a few chapters on a fox hunt it WOULD have bene a great read. He proved over and over he KNEW people and what motivated him but he constantly takes shortcuts with the characters. Often felt I was just supposed to connect the dots so to speak. On thta basis I would recommend anyone to give it a try but decide by end of Book 3 whether the investment is worth it or not.