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Strange Happenings At The Workplace...

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I work at a beauty supply shop. We sell beauty products, hair extensions, and wigs among other things. Today, a fairly attractive young lady asked me if I would go out with her. Sensing she wasn't happy with how her life had been so far I replied, truthfully, "Yeah, sure. You look fine the way you are and you don't need to wear anything fancy."

She laughed and smiled and said, "Thanks. I needed that."

She proceeded further and asked "So would you have sex with me?"

Without hesitation I replied "Not right now."


A second later I thought to myself "Wait...Did I just say 'Not right now?'...."


  1. stephofthenight's Avatar
    lol your cute neo. I have missed seeing you around. And missed you in general dear.
  2. LadyLuck's Avatar
    Have to love work place oddities. What an odd thing to ask someone though.
  3. qimissung's Avatar
    lol, yeah, I sense the well of insecurity is a little deep there.

    Love your resonse-that's thinking on your feet.
  4. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Steph ~ Thank you kindly. I miss you too!

    Luck ~ Tell me 'bout it...

    Q ~ Actually, I don't think I was thinking.
  5. OrphanPip's Avatar
    I was once propositioned by a 14 year old girl, after I turned her down she proceeded to berate me with language that would make a sailor blush.
  6. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Pip ~ Hahaha!
  7. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Wow! You must be the man! You always seem like a very nice guy on the forum with a good attitude, who makes people feel good and, in turn, want to be around you.
  8. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Awwww...Well, thank you very kindly for the compliment Bee!
  9. mtpspur's Avatar
    My past with ladies always seemed something out of an absurdist's play. The VERY wrong ladies want me and for all the wrong reasons. I have always wondered how much MORE trouble I could have gotten into with good looks, charm and money added to the mix. Amazed the Long Suffering One stays after all these years. You are a keeper Neo--hang in there.
  10. JuniperWoolf's Avatar
    Once a really old guy with a thick accent proposed to me when I was working at the counter of a video store. He said he'd give me many sons. *shrug* I'm not saying I wasn't tempted...
  11. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    MT ~ Hahaha! Yeah, I'm staying. However, "Long Suffering One"?

    Juni ~ Hahaha! Really? Good grief...It always seems to be over the counter, doesn't it?
  12. mtpspur's Avatar
    The Long Suffering One (or Spouse) is a nickname for my wife Ruth meant to be somewhat truthful and a bit of humor as the poor lady has ME asa husband and I can be a handful sometimes. Grace and mercy of God indeed.
  13. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Hahaha! I see...I like that.