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How Goes It, Lit-Net?

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My goodness...How long has it been? It feels like ages!

I can't even remember the last time that I've been here.

Well, I'm back...Again and busier than ever. But we can all say that, can we? Yes, yes we can.

There are so many things on my to do list!

...Finding a job...
...Finding a better job...
...Getting my own place...
...Not strangling my roommate...
...Getting a new car...
...Finding a wife...

However, there ain't no use of worrying about all of these things at once. I'll adjust my plans accordingly with the tides of changes and time.

Ahhhh...It feels good to blog again.

Well, now that I'm back again for the meantime I want to know how my friends on Lit-Net are doing.

Any news? Changes?

Are there any new rules on Lit-Net that I should be aware of?

Come, now. Give me some sugar I am your neighbor.

Oh! On a related note...I seem to have aged a tad bit during my recess from Lit-Net...Take a look...



  1. LadyLuck's Avatar
    How are you? I thought my absence was long, but you have me beat, though I came back with a new face. Has it really been 3 years or so? How was your mission work (I think that's where you went)?

    Edited: You have been in and out. How did I miss you? Oh well. Glad to see a familiar face around again.
    Updated 04-03-2012 at 01:14 PM by LadyLuck
  2. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Hahaha! Oh, my goodness...This is embarrassing but I can't remember you. Please, please...Don't be angry. We, here at Lit-Net are living in anonymity. Your new look didn't help a man who's been gone for so long and had brain surgery. :P

    Anyway, my apologies. My mission was great. A life changer and an a great experience. I've seen many lives changed for the better and, unfortunately, some for the worse.

    But isn't that the way it goes?
  3. qimissung's Avatar
    You might know her under a different name. But eek, I didn't realize you'd gone on a mission. When did you go? Where? How long were you there, etc., etc., etc.

    You do look older. The baby face is a thing of the past. Welcome back, Neo.
  4. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Hahaha! Thank you kindly, Q. I remember now. It...Is...MEG...

    So, you think I had a baby face, eh? What picture was that?

    Yep, I went on a mission for 2 years in the Bay Area. It was fun...Made some good memories during those 2 years. Plus, some new friends.

    I'm glad to be back. Ah...Oh, yeah...It feels good.
  5. qimissung's Avatar
    The pic to the right of you. Over there. The one where you're listening to music with your eyes closed.

    Sorry. I don't think people like to hear they have "baby" faces. You were just young then. And not so old, now.
  6. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Hahaha! Nonsense! I love having a baby-face. Old ladies seems to like me more because of it.
    Updated 04-03-2012 at 10:50 PM by Neo_Sephiroth (Mispelled!)
  7. qimissung's Avatar
    Haha! I'm not old! Anyways, not too old.
  8. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Hahaha! I wasn't referring to you. It just seems that the older ladies in general flirts with me. Either that or I'm the one flirting with em'. But I think its the other way around.
  9. mtpspur's Avatar
    Who could possibly forget the Teddy Bears--good to see oyu and glad you are well.
  10. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Awww...I love teddy bears!
  11. Bluebiird's Avatar
    It's nice to see you again.
  12. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Nah...It's nice to see YOU again, Blue.
  13. Virgil's Avatar
    Wow, you certainly have aged! You look like a million bucks. Marriage has done you well. Is that your child in that picture over you shoulder?

    Nice to see you again Neo.
  14. Neo_Sephiroth's Avatar
    Hahaha! Well, thank you kindly, Virgil. But that ain't my kid. It's good to see you again as well.
  15. stephofthenight's Avatar
    Glad your back.