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1st day back blues

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Back to the salt mines after the 4 day break. Bob will be playing Santa Claus for the FOP. Dave begins his truck driving school so he's gone and already missed. Just me and Tonya tonite on what is our usually busiest night. Hope it's not like last week. 455 tickets for the day.

Talked to daughter-in-law Loretta in California--Jim is out in the field. So far her pregnancy is going well. Gotta treasure a young lady whose father-in-law compares bearing children to the chest-burster in Alien and loves you anyway. She seems to be handling things well and I know Jim is definitely more relaxed about life in general though the custody mess will be around awhile.

Finished Roy Thomas' All-Star Companion Vol 2 last night. Vol 3 announced for later next year. Got to respect his love for the Justice Society.

Not sure what to read next--the books are piling up and I need to be more regular than sporadic.

7th Heaven had an unusually bad episode last night. Could barely make it thru. Watched 1st Heroes on computer last night and am intrigued.

Got to go.