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ByeBye Chili Peppers

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An excerpt from my weekly email to my sisters abroad (Africa and Arkansas) that i thought the world should see

Hm...what else happened? Ah yes, the Plucking of Chili Peppers =P. As you may or may not know we inheireted a pre-lit christmas tree from the Grandparents. Much to mother's horror, they were Chili Pepper Lights. For lack of attic space, we kept it in the garage, and everyday she would drive in from work and see the tree, and dread having to put it up. After weeks of procrastinating, I said enough is enough, and made them get it out last night (saturday night). I was just logging off of the RuneScape forums when i heard a shrill cry from the living room. I rushed in, and narrowly missed a flying Red Chili Pepper. "They come off!!!" Mother screamed in glee. We spent the next few minutes contendedly plucking chili pepper light covers off nice, plain white lights. There was a large pile on the floor, i think mom kept a few on to show you when you get home next week. It was great, great fun =D

I would modify it a bit so it'll sound like i didn't copy and paste it from my email, but school starts early, and finals begin at the end of this week...I have lots to do, and sleep is going to become a valued commodity =\

Have a great week everyone!



  1. brainstrain's Avatar
    Would it be considered pathetic to comment on your own blog? probably. oh well.

    "This Blog rox!!!" says the adoring crowd...