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Just Babbling

The Girl Who Lost Her Soul

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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]A pale faced girl drowned in silence
Spent her days in a world filled with unrealities
She cried, she mourned, she felt so lonely
She said "I am broken"
Piece by piece she vanished
In a room with no window
A broken chair and wooden table
A light bulb and Holy Bible
Wish that room was a garden
With roses and orchids and jasmines
Sweet fragrances, colorful and warmth
But only in fantasy she could be happy
Because there is no garden in reality
And no sweet fragrances nor colors nor warmth in her sanity
Like standing in front of a cracked mirror
Crashed in to pieces
No words need to be spoken
Emptiest look in the eyes
Brought to light the untold stories
Of a girl who lost her soul[/COLOR][/FONT]