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Puck at the top of the stairs

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This is my cat, Puck. We've had him for a long time, about 18 years, I think. He is three years younger than Sukey, who was 20 when she passed on, on New Year's Day, 2009.

Anywho, it looks like we might have Puck with us for awhile longer. He is an extremely friendly, and indolent animal. He rarely moves. This has been his habit for as long as I've known him. He finds a place and camps out there for weeks at a time. Sometimes it's in the hallway off the kitchen, sometimes on the couch in the living room. Lately it's been in the small hallway at the top of our stairs, or on the bathroom floor just off it.

He used to spend
a lot of time outside, but we don't let him out much anymore. He seemed really confused about a month ago, and while I think we solved that problem, we don't want to take the risk. Once about five years ago he didn't come home one morning. For some reason I wondered if someone thought he might need a good home, so I went and got him a collar with a tag that had his name on it. A while later, I can't remember how long, I got a phone call from someone who wanted to know if we had a cat named Puck. "Indeed we do," I said. He had made his way over to a house one street over, and I went to get him. The man chucked nervously, and said, "He seemed hungry." "He's always like that," I said, as I stuffed him into the cat carrier.

We had a neighbor who moved last year, a nice lady who had two cats. Whenever she came home, Puck would run across the street to get a little pet from her. You'd think we ignored him. I guess we did, since he was usually asleep when he was inside. But if you did pet him, it wouldn't be long before you hear the soft, slow rumble of his purr.

This is how we came
to own him. One day when my kids were very young we were leaving the house, and there was a black cat. Of course this excited all kinds of interest and curiosity, but we still had to go. When we got back he was, to our excitement, still there. He had such a presence, and we were all so taken with him; we decided to try to find his owner, and if they didn't want him, we did. The boys had heard that he lived around the corner, so off we went. As we approached, we were greeted by a man and his kids, who knew our cat. He was very friendly, we were told, and he had a crook in his tail, right at the very tip. His owners no longer wanted him. They pointed at a house across the street, and when we knocked, a young girl, about 13, came to the door. "Do you want him,?" she asked. We said yes.

We feel very lucky that Puck came to our house to stay. My middle son suggested his name, "because he's black, like a hockey puck," he said. For a year or two he brought us lots of presents as we were leaving the house, dead birds and mice. We were always appreciative.

Earlier this summer
, about the middle of July, he began to howl. It went on incessantly. I thought maybe he was getting kitty Alzheimer's, but then he began to lose weight, so I took him to the vet who did a blood test. When we got home later that day, I decided to take the flea comb to him. I had already put flea medication on him, but he was still scratching away. I ran the comb through the fur along his back and down to the tip of his tail. It was black with fleas and flea eggs, and that was why he was howling. I combed and combed him over the next day or so; I finally gave him a bath with regular shampoo and that got rid of the flea eggs, and I am glad to say that he is resting comfortably in his little aerie. I got him some top of the line cat food which he seems to like, and which must be pretty good as my other cats perk up their ears when they smell it, but it's Purina cat chow for them.

The vet called a few days later with the results of the blood test. Puck has Corona Virus, which is not treatable. The vet is giving him 5 mg prednisone for his anemia, and he looks almost like his old self.

When I took him
to the vet, the vet tech picked him up and said, "You don't stray too far from your food bowl, I see," and the when the vet opened the cat carrier, Puck kind of poured out, purring. The vet called him a regular purring machine.

He's still got the old charisma, and he's still making friends, and if we're lucky, he'll still be ours for a little while longer.

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  1. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Cute! You can tell that he is such an important member of your family. Animals are such a joy, even when they become a burden. Our ancient cat is on his last legs and my husband will not put him down. He's vomiting and peeing blood, but he is adamant about letting the guy die naturally. We keep him comfortable as much as we can. The dying process is complicated no matter whether it is human or animal. Glad to hear that your guy will be around for a while.
  2. JuniperWoolf's Avatar
    I like him. I like the fact that he doesn't move often and that he's named after a hockey puck. He sounds like a good cat.
  3. Snowqueen's Avatar
    It’s a great story of Puck; He seems friendly too and he must have lots of girlfriends then.
    I hope he stays around for few more years.
    Though I can’t see his picture but I’m sure he is very cute.
  4. Themis's Avatar
    What a cute cat! Some cats can be a bit aloof, but yours seems very friendly. Also, I love how he got his name, that's cute.
  5. Paulclem's Avatar
    We always had cats until my wife thouht it would be good to have a Jack Russell. No more cats now for a while!

    Puck sounds familiar. He seems a bit like Hutch - a cat who used to live with my Mother in Law who also didn't move very much.
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    He looks very good for his age. Wow, you've had a 20 year old and one over eighteen years old. You certainly must be doing something right.
  7. yuka's Avatar
    What a pity! I just can't see the picture.

    You really tell a great story of Puck, Qim, I love him. And good luck with him.
  8. qimissung's Avatar
    Thanks, Jersea. I've never had an animal that took a long time dying. Your husband is a kind and patient man. I feel like you can tell a person's character by how they treat those weaker than themselves.

    Thank you Juniper. Those ARE good qualities, aren't they?

    Thank you Snowqueen and Yuka. I'm sorry you can't see the picture, although in all honesty it's not a great one.

    He is friendly, Themis! (He's been neutered, so I don't know about the girlfriends )

    You all traded cats for a Jack Russell, eh, Paul? That's going from one extreme to another!

    Thanks, Virgil. I try, anyway.

    Update: I'm going to get some diatomaceous earth, hopefully tomorrow. I've heard of this product before, although I've never tried it, I don't know why. It sounds like it could really work. I certainly hope so. I get tired of essentially putting poison on my animals.
  9. TheFifthElement's Avatar
    Cute cat he's almost as old as our cat, Richard, and looks to be in physically better shape. Richard is still okay; she's sleepy a lot and gets lost in the house and generally moans like an old granny, but she's well enough. You clearly care for Puck a lot, and he looks very cosy and confident in your picture.

    A nice, cheery blog entry. Thanks for sharing Qimi.
  10. qimissung's Avatar
    I love the name Richard! So cute!

    That sounds like a good description of Puck, too. He came downstairs today and we cat together on the couch and I petted him for awhile. Then he wanted outside, so I went out there with him. He wandered around for a few minutes, then I took him back upstairs.
  11. Olga4real's Avatar
    Thank you for sending me this link. You know I am a BIG CAT-LOVER! I have 3 cats. One of them Panteleimon (my favorite) was smaller than my palm when I got him and right now his head is lying on my computer while I am typing. He is more than 10 years old and I am scared of the fact that one day he will have to go forever.
    I wish puck long years of healthy quality life!
    I will be looking for your posts about him.
  12. qimissung's Avatar
    Thank you, Olga, from one cat lover to another!