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I am a faithful daily reader of Modblog on Always have been (more so when Shannon was still writing) always will be. Modblog's subject matter is body modification- tattoos, piercings, scarification, branding, stretching, suspensions, and more than (no offense) most of can (or want to) imagine.

Steve Haworth, a prominent artist who primarily deals with 3D implants, ear pointing, branding, and scarification just did a guest spot at a friend's shop in Guelph. There are two documentaries in which he is the prime subject, and his name is well known and (mostly) revered in the industry, hailed as a pioneer of body modification. I initially wanted to have a branding done, but there are some complications with getting an electro cautery pen across the border :P so instead I had a scarification, which is done with a scalpel. Actually, multiple scalpels, those suckers get dull more quickly than you would think.

I uploaded photos of the finished product to my user account on A lot of the content on modblog is user submitted photos, etc. I was super excited to log-in this morning and see my back on modblog! Here is a link to the entry (don't worry, it isn't bloody, or gross- those photos are on Facebook ) it just looks like a red-ink tattoo... pretend it is, if you're squeamish :P

(This doesn't count as self harm, by the way- I PAID somebody else to do it.)


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    It DOES look like a tattoo (thank God! ). Very pretty, Becca. Where did you get the idea for the design?
  2. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    Qimi, the design is an old Celtic symbol called a triskelion. It is representative of many things, but for me, I was given a necklace with a triskelion pendant many years ago by somebody special, and the symbol has gained its own meaning for me.
  3. The Comedian's Avatar
    Very nice Becca -- so eventually it will be a scar and lose the red color, right?