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Pandora Astronomical

Under Cerulean Lamps

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Stretches out in miles
like on phosphorous
like on clay
between thumbs
between palms
and other limbs
I am dancing
with a whole lot of air

as a helium tribe
I censor gravity
like a clay tribe
I defy erosion
I am rock
bedded into soil
I am plant
that is bedded into roots

and my bed was also the clouds
those chameleon organs of mist
signaling other hues
and manifesting cycles
with a hourglass of a camel
sands in their white pores

maybe it is easier
to know that the originals
need variance
and multitudinous is a body
that is of flesh
and viscous blood
pumping in poison and purification
under two ranged microscopes

a winged bird with no marrow
a winged bird with plenty of marrow

the sky is the limit they say ▬

▬ so for sky what is limit?

underneath some starry chains of bed sheet
I analyze the signs of viscous blood

clutching a pillow of clouds with a lace of them underneath

upon some ether and ground I have no definition for .▬
Tags: poetry