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Six weeks

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In six weeks, I'll be waking up in my two bedroom house in downtown Toronto, mere steps from Kensington Market and China Town and Trinity Bellwoods park, a few blocks from the myriad of awesomeness that is Queen St. West and a twenty minute bike ride from the St.Lawrence Market. Can't. Wait.

My cousin and I are living out childhood dreams and renting a house together in Toronto- it is a converted coach house (where they used to park the horse carriages in the early 20th century) two bedrooms, two floors, full washroom and kitchen, and stand alone, not attached to another house, or anything. And super affordable- just small. We LUCKED OUT. There is a hammock on our roof! which is where I will sit with my bong, since the house is no smoking ... I think they meant cigarettes. SHHHH.

Being an adult is so cool. I'm going to eat cookie dough at two a.m and my cousin and I will design hideous Barbies on, like we did when we were little

I have an interview to bartend at a strip club (one of the better ones). I am a smart, smart girl- I KNOW that. But there is something about me that just loves dive-y places, and parties and ridiculous situations.

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Have fun!
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    I dislike dive-y places; I prefer to stay home and read about them.. Maybe one day you'll write a book about your experiences and I will read it, and I will write my semi-epic fantasy poem and you will read that.

    Anyway, here's to growing up AND being a kid-again or still.

    Have fun! (a little redundant, I know "}}.