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The Return

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Another botched attempt at posting but I think I have this figured out now. Have to log in separately to the blog screen so it will recognize me. We'll see.

Decided this will be diary style free flowing meanderings for now. Like picking up a TV series already in motion.

No response back from sister Elaine on Mom and the rehab. This is very unlike her but I know she's busier then I'll ever be.

No plans for church this week. Wonder how much longer before my name is removed from the rolls. My new deacon Glenn means well but I'm nagged at the idea that I'm part of his to-do list. To quote Wolverine I don't jump thru hoops. I just don't feel any bonds there anymore and don't feel like pretending anymore that things are fine. Can two walk together if not agreed? The old excuse that everyone feels this way has never cut it with me because I believe the Lord Christ ministers to each of us to our own needs/desires. Yes there is commonality of experience but I'm tired of being taken for granted. There is more to me than reading Henry and Spurgeon or being Sandy's father and too many crucial decisions were pulled right out of my hands. If I had to do it over again I would have stood my ground regarding Jim and Sandy. The pastor is not always right and my place as the father should have held more weight. Time to let it go but it does gnaw like a dog on a bone. I truly believe that if these circumstances had happened to certain other parents kids the outcome would have been different. Time to start putting forgiveness to the forefront but things will never be the same at Grand Heights for me again. Ah bitter Pharisee see him rant.

Let's see if this post makes it--if it does things should go smoother in future.


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    Again I would say ask Admin about your getting logged out, start a topic:

    Or, like I often do if its a long post, type it in wordpad or Microsoft word first then post