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Day 1 Post 1

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My first entry never posted so this is really post #2. I notice if I type too long the forum makes me a guest and boots my typing.

Intro: Motive for the blog is to keep me interested in maintaining a presence on this site and maybe more responses to any comment made.

Brief biography: Real first name Rich, wife Ruth, kids James, Dan, Sandy, 2 grandsons Damion and Ron. I was born Rochester NY, live in Fairborn OH, spent ages 18-40 in the Air Force- now second shift dispatcher for AAA Miami Valley, Dayton Oh past 15 years.

Favorite writers: Rafael Sabatini, Rider Haggard, Walter Gibson (The Shadow), Adam Hall, Donald Hamilton, Dashiel Hammett.

Hobby: Collects comics usually by character (Batman, Jonah Hex, Avengers), King of the Royal Mounted Sunday strips, Trendmaster Godzilla toys. The Shadow/Dime Detective pulps.
Few others--downsized the comics drastically last Feb during what I hope is my first and last mid-life crisis.

Favorite movies: James Bond, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Zulu, certain Errol Flynn movies, Witness, Clint Eastwood Man with No Name moves, etc.

Favorite TV shows: Current--House MD, Scrubs, Gilmore Girls///Past favorites--Buffy/Angel; La Femme Nikita, Have Gun Will Travel, Wild Wild West, Rockford Files

Noteworthy event of the day: Finished Vol 50 of Spurgeon's Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit--13 to go--finish date 15 Sep 08.

Now let's see if this posts. Dedicated to Logos for the encouragement.


  1. grace86's Avatar
    Glad to see you've decided to stick around. Don't think you realize how much the younger generation needs people with a little bit of wisdom.

    Congratulations on finishing volume 50.

    And House M.D. rocks! (one of my favorites as well.)
  2. 's Avatar
    Dedicated to Logos for the encouragement.
    aw _blush_ yay! : glad you took the plunge

    I'm not sure why the forum signs you out, maybe you can ask Admin about it? might be something to do with your cookie settings in Windows..
  3. B-Mental's Avatar
    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to say I endured the same situation when I first posted, and wish badly that I'd thought of just writing in word first to get straight....

    ps this is my favorite blog btw.