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The Dream(s)

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Said I might mention that fun dream I had a while ago. Felt like writing about it now. Shocked gasp. Blue's actually writing about what she said she would. Now this comes in three distinct parts. The first one is tricky to remember and was the first section I remember, I think (I actually forgot this then remembered again).
Part 1
My mother and I have gone on some kind of holiday. We're staying at a hotel/B&B/Inn it kind of varies as I progress. Next door to this resting place is a shop selling wool. Fancy hats and wool. I've gone in looking for a hat to wear to a wedding and am happily surprised to see they also sell wool. All different colours and types. I rather want to buy the whole shop to see what wonders I can knit. Working in this shop happens to be my aunt, not exactly my aunt but for the purpose of the dream it is my aunt. Perhaps we've gone to visit her, perhaps not. She's courteous towards me but clearly thinks I'm either spying on her or going to embarrass her. I make it clear that I won't acknowledge that I know her so as she'll stop giving me that evil look. I notice that a charming fellow is discreetly flirting with her from a distance. Clearly he is her fancy man. Doesn't affect me so I ignore it. Then I end up outside with my mother as we return to the Inn (it is now referred to as an Inn) When I get a cinematic view of the scene and my aunt's fancy man is now flirting from a distance with my mother and she is rather charmed. I warn her he's a letch. I remember nothing more of this story. I guess it shifted to something else that I forgot about. Funny old things dreams huh?
Part 2
This is my favourite one. Even though there is more to it than I shall describe I cannot for the life of me remember it. Shame, this one was fun. Best I can guess from what I do remember I'm part of a group. Perhaps in a fantasy school of some kind or more likely a fantasy guild. I forget whether we have magical powers or not but we must do and I'll tell you for why later. There is a central character who is not me. I'm not even sure if he's in our group though I know he is our friend. He's rather a wild child who was raised by someone, I think it's the librarian. This back story is very unclear though there was more to it at the time. By piecing together what I do remember, logic and my creative talent I can guess the story is thus. The boy was perhaps abandoned and the only one who would take him in was the old library master. One of those kind of old guy with no family of his own and clearly not that close to anyone else takes in orphaned and unruly child as his protégé. The two have an often rocky relationship but really have a strong, deep and caring bond. Clearly it's that kind of back story that is rather common yet wonderfully endearing. There is a scene from the story that I've forgotten now which is annoying because I know it must have been fun. When we get to the next part of the story. My group and I are no longer the focus so we go to cinematic view. We're in what seems to be the library with ancient books which is partially lit with flaming torches and partially in ruins (there is no roof so what happens to the books when it rains, let alone the torches?). The aforementioned boy is fighting a colossal dragon. Can you guess why? My group and I are on the stairs watching this battle when the boy states that the old man said it's time for the dragon's bath. I can guess that he's referring to the librarian that raised both him and possibly the dragon. I can also guess that he had to fight the dragon because it hates bath time and is actively resisting the idea. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the conclusion of this delightfully epic battle because Napoleon was knocking on the door and making to dog bark so I had to get up and let him in. I rather hate him for that. It was such a fun dream.
Part 3
This I remember the most since it was the nearest to me waking naturally after having gone back to bed once Napoleon was gone. Now. From what I remember there was something involving my former childminder's house. Surprisingly I dream about that house more often than my own. I was forced to spend a lot of time there as I grew up. So in this dream it was night time. Somewhere near to 9:30pm give or take and my mother was due to come and get me at 10. I was annoyed because my childminder was supposed to do something or remember something but she'd kind of only half bothered with it. I confronted her about this but she ranted at me about how her three daughters were supposed to visit with their families but cancelled so she was going to deal with my thing but then her daughters turned up and for some reason they had a grievance with her which she was trying to make up for and so she couldn't really bother with whatever it was she was supposed to remember for me and made me feel guilty for complaining. I thought about how crowded it was now and wondered why I had to wait for my mother to get me since I'm old enough to go home myself. I've done it before since my last few years at secondary school (it was quite a long bus journey home and as I had shelter, a hot meal, and I hated the idea of spending an hour or so on the same bus as the kids from my dump of a school, I put up with the childminder until she retired and I had no choice but to go home alone). Besides, No one wanted me there in this dream so I went outside in the dark and ended up in my own room yet not quite my room but for the purpose of the dream it was my room. I looked out into the night sky. It was a starry night and as I looked I saw a shadowy bird flying between two buildings. It looped around and transformed into a shadowy horse, followed by another and I saw a constellation of a horse in the sky, with the stars conveniently joined with lines. As I was watching I noticed someone in a neighbouring garden who seemed to be fishing in a river that could not be seen (I don't mean it was obscured I mean it was a magic river that can't be seen except by a special few. It's a magic, perhaps kind of spiritual river, like a ghost river). He saw me watching and came over to my window (My window is actually on the first floor, not the ground but this matters not in dream world now does it) and I hid, not wanting him to assume I was spying on him, take offence and somehow threaten me. He turned out to be friendly and I ended up in his garden talking with his mother. It seems he was fishing as a kind of penance. He was fishing for rubbish that he'd carelessly thrown into the magic river. Then the scene shifts. His family own and run a kind of stationary shop and the window display is full of boxes of wonderfully coloured A4 printer paper. I know that if I asked I could have this paper, as much as I needed for origami. I know that this boy and I are best friends and we often play in the shop. Then his grandfather came in carrying a box of lovely bright pink paper that people just aren't buying so I know I can have it if I like and no one will mind. Then my friend and I have the idea to make a secret den in the shop and I go two or so shops next door where a man who is supposed to be my father works. It's kind of a tailors and he has his own work station full of rolls of fabric and a sewing machine where he sits. It's rather more like an office I guess because I know that there are others in this shop with similar stations though I don't actually look at them. I ask my "father" if he has any spare or unwanted fabric and he points out some Christmas tinsel. I rather ignore this and look at a pretty kind of tinsel that is more like coloured ribbons with butterflies on it and is very pretty. However, I gauge from his reaction that this isn't something I can have so I put it back. Then he has to get up, I think it's to go and see his boss. I hunt around and find a rather colourful tartan fabric that I know will never be used. There is something inside so I open it to find a large semicircle of plastic. Then there's a mad rush. It turns out that this is a murder weapon and that my father killed someone, possibly his father or brother, can't remember now and the police came to arrest him and just as the inspector was about to explain why and how the murder was comitted mum woke me up because she needed me to hold the dog. She was gardening and took the dog out. Yuki got stuck under some branches and started biting her harness to get free and it snapped. So we had to go and get another. Another dream interrupted.
Now, the reasons for why I dreamt what I dreamt.
Part 1
We visited my aunt about 2 weeks ago for an Easter family gathering. I guess that's why her character appeared. The buying a hat for a wedding must have been because of the royal wedding last Friday. and the wool shop because I've been thinking about taking up my knitting again. An inn because they're pretty common in fantasy style stories and the anime I've been watching.
Part 2
I think this is almost completely because of the aforementioned anime I've been watching called Fairy Tale. It tells the story of a group of mages in a guild called Fairy Tale who go on fun yet dangerous adventures. One of the main characters is Natsu Dragneel who was raised by a dragon called Igneel. He has a habit of destroying things and is freakishly powerful. I've no doubt that he is the base for the boy. This would also explain why he was with a dragon. The idea of my group would be from the idea of the Fairy Tale guild where mages often form teams to go on quests. As for the library/ruins, no idea about that. I think it's just generic fantasy story background kind of stuff.
Part 3
I spent a lot of time at that childminder's and towards the end I hated it. I've often wondered that if I could go back in time but keep in my mind the person that I have now become and make my own way home without anyone knowing then what would happen. So the leaving the house of my own accord is no surprise. The horse constellation is probably from my Animal Crossing game where I've made some silly little constellations that are joined with lines. The supply of paper is obviously because I have a little stash of coloured paper for making origami models and such. Not sure about the murder, perhaps that's from Professor Layton.
So, that's it. That's the fun dream(s) that I wanted to write up. It's rare that I have a dream that I remember, let alone one I like enough to want to write about.
Well, that's about all for now.
Bluebiird out.

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  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Your dreams are much more interesting then mine. I seem to rotate certain nightmares on a recurring basis and lately my dreams have been very strange.