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Captain Pike's Ship Log II

An Overdue Visitor

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Many years ago, my great friend John and I met a couple of young women and their companion, while traveling in Paris. The girls had obvious and natural attractions and their friend was a great guy whom I liked right off and we got together the next day and explored some more together. We wrote back and forth, this new fellow and I, for a while after I returned home to the US.

Life is an assiduous assailant on any human attempt of permanence institutions perish, orbits decay and relationships will falter. It's the natural order of things, through no fault of the perpetuating agents life goes on.

But we fight back with faith and Facebook. I found this guy, fairly easily, once I had the notion. We got to talking again and my wife is picking him up at the airport today! A first-time visitor to the US, he spent a little time in NYC, saw some other sites of interest to him and we will enjoy a few days together in the Northeast, doing what folks do here.

It has been very interesting, the feelings around doing such a crazy thing. I really enjoy learning new cultures and languages. Anytime I visit another country I've had the best results collaborating with regular folks if you can just find them. I hope to be just that to this man, a kindred spirit a local guide to the goings-on and ways of life here.

He shared with me some photos he had taken back in 1985. These pictures are especially poignant to me, in at least a couple of ways for one thing, I was a "walking around guy!" So check it out.

It is so eerie, unreal and like a dream to me now seeing myself there among the frozen statues, so tall and balanced. I have had a great run life is sweet from any perspective.


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    You fit right in with them! It is so weird to look at pictures of ourselves when young. We are always more beautiful than we imagined at the time.

    I hope your overseas friend enjoys the sights. Like you I love experiencing other cultures, and I think it would be a lot of fun to help someone experience mine.

    Have fun!
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Hey those are great pictures. I'm glad you could reconnect with an old friend. That's great Capt. Life can be sweet from many perspectives. Make it sweet again. Nice to see you around.