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Save my Forest!

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Well for a little while I've known about this weird society dedicated to the protection of a little forest on the Western part of the Island of Montreal.

The thing about the forest is that it happens to be named after my family. It is on the part of the island where my family came and settled in 18th century, back then we had some money and clout in the region. 200 years later we were a bunch of dairy farmers, time changes everything .

A little nagging part of me has this devilish inclination to go join this society, out of pure vanity, to protect my family's legacy. Ha.


  1. Paulclem's Avatar
    I think you've got good enoug reason to join the society. Interesting story too.
  2. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Another interesting blog! Love hearing about Montreal. You should join, not only because of your family connection, but to help beat back developers.
    I have just a few questions about the woods, which sound lovely. Does the city of Montreal have problems of the homeless moving in? I know in NYC that can be a problem with wooded areas, or at least has been in the past. Also we have that problem with Burlington.
    My next question is, if you do join, do you know the process to changing the ownership of the woods from private into a public park? I’m assuming of they do turn it into a park that some land will have to be forfeited to the developers. That is also assuming that the plan would be to place the land ownership into a conservation group.
  3. JuniperWoolf's Avatar
    Haha, cool. You're like, Montreal nobility.
  4. qimissung's Avatar
    What are you waiting for? There's a forest that needs to be saved!