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Song of a New Potty

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So our old pot,
It rocked a lot:
When you had to "go",
It swayed to and fro.
Both the bowl and basin
Did much water wastin'.
A miserable crapper
With a broken flapper!

"Enough!" I said.
So off I sped
To the big box store.
Hoses, pipes and more
They had in great supply.
And potties! I had to try
To pick one with the perfect flush.
But I was in such a rush!

And I forgot
(wish I had not)
The hue of the pot!
This matters a lot!
White? Almond? Bisque? Or Bone?
If only I had known!
When then I took a mighty risk
And I went with a lovely bisque. . . .

Numbers one and two
Cheer our potty new!
Stable, "Standard", and bright:
Flush and flow are just right.
I hereby proclaim a "pwn"
For our perfect little john.


  1. Paulclem's Avatar

    There's nothing like a humourous poem.
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    You make getting a new potty sound like fun. So, what color did you get?
  3. The Comedian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by qimissung
    So, what color did you get?
    Bisque. I had to "match" the color scheme of the bathroom. And, since Mrs. Comedian wasn't with me to ensure correct color matching, I was out of my element. I picked bisque. And, as fortune would have it, bisque was just the color needed to harmonize with the shower curtain, tile, etc. . .
  4. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Sounds like you've had a productive weekend
  5. yuka's Avatar
    your works always so interesting!