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The Education of J.H.S.

On What I Want To Say

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There is a lot I want to say and explore on here about language. I'm gonna have to make some sort of list and get to work, because I want to write about these issues, and get responses to these issues. The past year has sent me into overload when it comes to language. I find myself listening to things people say, wondering to myself if they even make sense, what (if taken at face value) the person is actually saying. I'm not really sure what the point of this blog is other than just to express that I feel like I'm going crazy. Anyway, I'm gonna try to make the rest of the blogs I do more polished so the message gets through better. Just gonna have to figure out how you write in prose in this sort of style, and figure out who is gonna help me figure out how to write in prose in this sort of style.

I really hate writing prose, by the way.

I mean, if I put some time and effort into it, I think I do okay, but it's not good enough for the thoughts I want to express, which I really do feel are very solid in my mind. Really, they only sound like ramblings, because my communication skills are so lacking. I'll try to do better.


  1. shortstoryfan's Avatar
    Also, I feel that when I'm just typing and not thinking before I type, my comma usage is so ghetto. I'm sorry for my ghetto comma usage. For some reason, I think you can get away with commas more easily in poems (heck, some poets never use any punctuation). I feel like it has something to do with the line breaks and white spaces on the page. Anyway.
  2. Cunninglinguist's Avatar
    If you don't like writing in prose then do you like writing in verse? Or do you just not like to write?
  3. mrv's Avatar
    Whether or not you'll be able to get your ideas through to the others depends on their capacity to perceive what is being conveyed. If you’ve seen a rainbow and so have I, you won’t need exceptional language skills to convey the idea of a rainbow to me or anything you might want to explain by using a rainbow as an analogy. However, if I were colorblind, you couldn’t make me perceive the rainbow in your head no matter how good and lucid your description may be.

    I enjoy reading a well-written piece because it is so and not because it conveys more of the idea that was meant to be conveyed. That’s what I feel. I think you should write irrespective of how well it turns out. Good ideas and original thoughts ought to be brought out and shared.
  4. The Comedian's Avatar
    Purge, then revise & revise, my friend. Good expression is hard work.
  5. Paulclem's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to these blogs Shortstory. I really like the language too, and after having read your bit about concrete language, I'd like to hear what other ideas you have.
  6. Cunninglinguist's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Comedian
    Purge, then revise & revise, my friend. Good expression is hard work.
    Truer words have rarely been spoke before!
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    I've never heard anyone say their comma use is "so ghetto."