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Living Breathing Contradiction...

Shadow Man

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So I have been bothered by this reacurring dream of a little girl maybe nine, she has pale skin and long black hair and she chants -dont go to sleep, dont go to sleep, he will surely get you and the whole world will weep- I have no clue where that comes from? Have googled it to no results. I generaly jerk awake choking like something is strangling me, to this thing over me, he is always surrounded by a red tint- And I suddenly catch my breath and he is gone, But I always hear that phrase as I regain controll of my body. Like its a mix between sleep terrors and sleep paralysis. I have woken up to everything being out of my room-Things being upside down, or backwards. And I'm OCD so I know its not an accident! So I put a lock on my door thinking roomates where ****ing with me... I woke up to every picture in my room upside down, and two of the three crosses off the wall. All the bedding was on the other side of the room, on the occasion I had a dream that the shadow guy was cutting me but I woke up with deep scratches down my sides. three down each side, in places I cant reach...

Anyone else had experiences like this? Or know anything about this hooded shadow guy? He likes to hang on my door-weird I know, but its totaly dark and I'll just see it against the door and I pass out.

I almost always can taste blood after/during these incidents and I smell what seems to be natural gas, and feel fire.

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  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    Sounds like a cross between the Red Death (ref Phantom of the Opera and Edgar Allen Poe) and the Grim Reaper. If I may am half wondering if by chance you might be sleepwalking--to explain the cuts and moved items. Recurring nightmares are part of my life--I rotate three variations of them on a regular basis. I FINALLY prayed about it and NOW the rotation is greately reduced BUT they have been replaced by dreams that have gotten weirder and actually a bit more frightening. Anyway hang in there --we'll both have peace of mind someday.
  2. MystyrMystyry's Avatar
    Interesting and scary, Steph - you may do an injury.

    You might invest in a movement activated camera to check, but it's probably what you suspect - otherwise get a piece of string tied not too tight to your ankle and a tin can with marbles in it - it may wake you if you walk a little distance and then you'll know

    Do you have a lot of waking worries? Might contribute to it

    The thing with recurring nightmares is that people who tend to muse over them also tend to have them - recurring, that is

    Failing everything else - garlic on the doorknob?
  3. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Eeeyahhh! If I had a dream like that I’d never sleep again. Before if I had a scary dream or got frightened in bed I’d hug a teddy bear, even in my teens. Now however I’ve thrown the teddies into a corner so I sleep with a sword over my bed instead and if I get frightened I put it in the bed with me, I find it soothing though I think it gives me slightly crazier dreams. (Don’t worry, it’s not a real sword, it’s made of wood, I got it because it’s cool and to fend of burglars and the like (which are the things that I normally think about when I go to bed and then get paranoid about (burglars, murderers and serial rapists, demons and/or ghosts))). Really the sword is just for peace of mind, like a security blanket I guess. Point of this? Maybe if you believe in something that you think will protect you (doesn’t have to be a sword, can be anything that gives you courage and/or comfort) and keep it with you maybe you’ll feel better and won’t worry about bad things happening. Just a thought.
  4. stephofthenight's Avatar
    Thanks for all th information-
    Regarding sleep walking I know that's notthe case because I have a waterbed an the movement would wake me up or it would be moving when I wake up having laid down, also have tried the camera I'll post a video soon an you can clealy see I'm not moving but you can hear the voice. It's creepy.

    I try not to worry about it but it makes me paranoid to go to sleep-everytime it seems to get stronger and I fully believe it wants to hurt me.
  5. mtpspur's Avatar
    Sleep walking was just a wild guess but had to be at least considered. Used to be an old staple on B movies and dime novels. I'm out of ideas except prayer for peace of mind.
  6. qimissung's Avatar
  7. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    It makes awful sense what Qimi suggested. You can also consider; does this happen just in this room? What happens when you sleep in an alternative setting? Creepy...
  8. TheFifthElement's Avatar
    I second the endorsement of Qimi's comments. It sounds a lot like sleep paralysis to me, perhaps less like lucid dreaming as generally lucid dreamers know they're dreaming. My husband is a lucid dreamer, and it appears my son may have inherited the talent - they go flying in their sleep. I'm quite envious.

    It's quite common for people to hallucinate just as they go to sleep and just as they're waking. I have been known to hallucinate on waking - generally I see insects, mainly spiders - and usually it only happens if I wake suddenly in the night. At the time they seem very real. Mostly it's a benign experience, but there have been times when I've found them quite frightening. Usually once I'm totally properly awake (and sometimes this means getting up and leaving the room) whatever I was seeing goes away. It's a strange time between sleeping and waking, when the conscious and unconscious aspects of our mind kind of merge. When I was a child I had a regular hallucination which involved visual and audible disturbances, and which also involved a strange taste in my mouth (Cheese Miners - don't ask!). I grew out of it, but it did used to occur quite often. It sounds awful (and it was at the time) but it's not uncommon.

    If it's occurring regularly, and becoming a problem, you really ought to see a doctor. It may be that you need to adjust your diet, or you may be suffering from underlying stress which is causing these events to occur. Always best to get it checked out if you're worried.
  9. stephofthenight's Avatar
    Jersea, its any room in THIS house and only to me-except on the occasion that my roomate will sleep in the same room as me she gets really sick, and swears she can feel something watching her-no I havent told her about the stuff I have going on.
  10. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Some irrational thoughts if you don’t mind reading.
    1) You are the victim of an evil hypnotist. 2) You, or your place, are being haunted. 3) You’re being possessed by a demon.
    Some possible reasons? 1)You have powerful enemies. 2) You live above a burial ground of some kind. 3) You have somehow angered a malevolent spirit.
    Some irrational solutions.
    1) Investigate evil hypnotists. 2) Exorcism. 3) Make restitution to the being you have angered. 4) Line of salt along all points of entry, such as doors/windows (seen it in several supernatural dramas. Only keeps evil out, if it’s already in then it can’t escape). Alternatively keep some salt nearby since it can be used in exorcising/purifying malevolent spirits 5) Summon/request help from a higher being.
    Sorry, I tried being rational last time but then all these ideas kept popping into my head and I had to get them out. Blame the programs I watch.
  11. Maximilianus's Avatar
    I mostly believe in nothing, including gods, devils and even people. However, for some reason I can't quite explain, a few of these stories about haunted houses seem to make some sense to me. I am particularly remembering this case of the Amityville house, which some people believe to be true while others claim it is a fake, and just to give an example that might sound familiar to a US citizen, because in fact these curious phenomena seem to happen everywhere... crosses upside down, guttural voices and such. Bluebiird might be right in that post, and probably the house is somehow haunted. Probably it has a gate to another dimension that needs to be locked by some kind of holy person with a holy key in a holy keyhole.

    PS: just for the record, I'm not kidding. That's for happy people, so I meant what I said... just for the record. There are haunted places here in the south as well, which people seem to get really scared of.
  12. Eftekhairul's Avatar
    Is this a ghost?
    Visit to see ghost or Shadow man---
  13. Maximilianus's Avatar
    Despite a few grammatical mistakes, it looks like a nice love poem. However, this entry was written by Stephanie more than a year ago to speak about an apparition experienced in the place where she was living at the time, so I would say that one thing seems unrelated to the other.
    If you want to make your poem known and get more views and comments, you may consider posting it in the Personal Poetry section of the forum. That section is more visited than the blogs, at least for poem-publishing purposes.