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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Goodness for all Humanity and the Gauge.

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May peace be for everyone...To my understanding, people of any religion or no religion consider good morals as good. In the journey of goodness, the true believers want everyone to be on board. I believe, the true morals are those which God teaches. He teaches what is good and what is not, through devout prophets and divine books. When nations forget these teachings, they begin to invent self-created morals and forget their objectives.

The Holy Quran requires its followers to practice its education which is centered on belief in Allah, doing good, telling others to do good, avoiding and forbidding evil. This makes them best people in the eyes of God (3:111) as they serve goodness.

When faithful forget their teachings, they come under the influence and awe of deceptive worldly forces which caste doubts about sanctity of God, prophets and divine teachings. Such covert forces overtly present hollow ethics based on fulfillment of low desires of raw-selves.

As favour, God has protected the Holy Quran in every age and a group of people continued to practice its teachings. This is the era when wide spread weaknesses are being shown by faithful but also this is same era, as I understand, about which it was prophesied that an ardent devotee of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) would be sent to bring the lost faith back. The ardent devotee’s Caliph ( presents a saying of Holy Prophet which works as gauge. According to this holy saying, degree of hypocrisy in a person is proportional to: betraying trust, speaking lie, breaking promise and arguing with abusive language.

Peaceful teaching requires peaceful acts.

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