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The Second Day

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I love the dichotomy between my southernmost point of origin and my lit-net friends who live in the north. Yesterday I wrote about my exultation at getting an unexpected day off. Today I'm going continue with information about how we are surviving the worst cold front in Texas in about a decade. I hope people realize that this is tongue-in-cheek, but just in case I'll go ahead and tell you.

I survived the night. I wore my bathrobe to bed and slept under a comforter, a down blanket (it's not really down, but has some alternate substance in it), and two blankets. I was snug, to say the least.

When I got up
I checked the temperature. My son had turned it down last night and it was set at 65, but the temperature inside read 63. It's very toasty upstairs, however. Now downstairs is another matter. My front door is at least one reason for this. I am hoping to get a new one, maybe in March. Apparently you have to paint them yourself, so I want to do that when I have some time, and of course when it's a little warmer. It might have to wait until this summer. I think I'll have to have the door frame fixed. It is not snug. In fact, if you stand in front of it you can see daylight through the cracks. So I wouldn't say my home is exactly energy efficient. Or probably very safe from intruders. One night we were locked out accidentally and I asked my son to give the front door a good kick and that popped the door right open. I can't remember if we had the deadbolt locked or just the lock on the door knob, but either way I wouldn't say that the door is exactly doing it's job in keeping us safe. Stupid door!

Fortunately we have not had any electricity outages. And we are fortunate, as The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has ordered rotating outages to ease the load of the power grid. They are supposed to last abut 45 minutes, but I haven't noticed it happening here yet. Not so in most of the communities surrounding me from Lewisville to Plano, Denton,Garland and Cedar Hill. The city of Dallas has requested exemption from the outages as they are hosting a number of Super Bowl related events. The city of Arlington, which is where the Super bowl will be held, reportedly has not. Very humane of them, I say.

Alright, my right hand
is a block of ice for some reason. I'm going to go warm up, maybe do some painting. Hopefully we are going to watch "The Hangover" later, and I personally would really like to watch an episode or two of "Northern Exposure."

I'm thinking pancakes for dinner tonight, beans tomorrow, then I really have to get to the store. So much for preparedness. They are predicting that it might get to 8 degrees tonight, which would be a record. The predicted temperature this weekend is for the '50's.

Hasta la vista, and stay warm!

Update:It did not get to 8 degrees that night. I don't think it has been colder than 19 degrees at any point. It may have gotten to 16 degrees that night, but I'm not sure as I was sleeping.

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  1. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Isn't the temperature change insane? We had a 40 difference as well. It went from -22 to 20 in one day. 8 degrees is very cold, keep warm.
  2. PrinceMyshkin's Avatar
    Pancakes (with or without a fried or poached egg on top and drowning in maple syrup?) and beans - sound like perfect cold weather food. I WILL not tell you here about the difficulties of getting my car out of or into the snowbanks that have been plowed up alongside it!
  3. qimissung's Avatar
    Yeah, Prince, how do you guys do it? I used to live a little farther north and it snowed every year. I don't remember thinking it was a big deal, and I am always amused at the hand wringing when there's a tiny bit of sleet or snow on the ground.

    Umm, the menu might be changing a bit. My son is going to venture out to the store, so I might make something a tad easier, like chicken nuggets. Then I can hole up upstairs and watch T.V. I think I'm going to have to go back to work tomorrow.

    , I'm sure you guys were glad to have it warm up to a whopping 20 degrees!
  4. skib's Avatar
    can I come over for pancakes? I'll even drive you to the store!
  5. qimissung's Avatar
    You're on!
  6. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Pancakes or crepes. Sounds divine. Hope you enjoyed your simple meal in bed watching TV.
    Had a snow day as well. Just dug my car out and I had a serious workout. I didn't measure how much snow we got, but it has to be at least 2 feet. And it is still snowing! I wonder if they will cancel school again and get 2 days like you did.
  7. motherhubbard's Avatar
    Something about beans and blizzards that go together. Last saturday it was 73f here last night it was -6f. I'm out of school ALL WEEK!
  8. Virgil's Avatar
    Beans and blizzards go together? I guess they are both associated with wind.
  9. motherhubbard's Avatar
    are you still 14?
  10. Virgil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by motherhubbard
    are you still 14?
    Perhaps the body isn't but the mind hasn't aged a day over 15.