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Snow Day

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Yippee! I'm at home today. No school, now work. Home. All because of sleet and maybe an inch of snow. Life is awesome.

I plan to drink tea, paint, maybe watch a movie. Life is good. Not so good maybe for the 18 wheelers that persist in trying to drive around here. Lots of accidents.

And it's snowing! Tiny little flakes, but here, nevertheless. I'm going to go watch it.

More later.


We are going to be closed on Wednesday, too! I am faint with happiness. I painted a beautiful picture and I will post it if I can figure out how. Now I'm going to make dinner and practice my Chinese.

The only problem is that I forgot to leave the outside faucets on and now I'm afraid the pipes will explode. Also, my living room is cold. But, somehow, I will survive.

Yes, Qimissung the intrepid did survive the long cold winter's eve in Dallas, Texas. I retired to my son's room upstairs which must be a good 10 degrees warmer than it is downstairs. We wanted to watch "The Hangover" but Netflix didn't have that in streaming, so we watched "The Middlemen" which was actually pretty good.

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  1. pussnboots's Avatar
    We're getting some snow and freezing rain today as well.
    Thank you for the books. Matthew likes them.

    Enjoy your day off !!!
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    You are welcome! You're probably getting a teensy bit more snow and freezing rain than we are, I bet.
  3. motherhubbard's Avatar
    It's been sleeting for about 5 hours here. I've never seen so much sleet! I am so happy for a snow day. The excitement and anticipation of it was in the pit of my belly all day yesterday and every once in a while it would just bubble out in smiles and laughter. I think my students realized that I really was more excited about it than they were. I LOVE it! I doubt we have school for the rest of the week. They are saying 20+ inches in some parts.
  4. qimissung's Avatar
    Lucky! I'll probably have to go back tomorrow. I don't really mind that so much, although I'm a little worried about driving. The roads are very icy and it's about 19 degrees with 40 mile an hour winds so the ice isn't going to melt.

    The other thing I'm concerned about is the heat in my school building. It hasn't been warm in there for awhile. It was better last week, but a student told me that an administrator told him that they were not prepared for the intense cold. Gulp.

    Have a FUN week, MH!
  5. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Over here, on the other end of the country, we are waiting for the snow and hoping that we have a day off.

    Sounds like what you should do on a snow day Qimisung.
  6. OrphanPip's Avatar
    I nearly got run over today, a guy lost control of his car and drove up on the sidewalk right behind me!
  7. Virgil's Avatar
    You're "faint with happiness" and here in the northeast we're having the winter from hell. We've already broken January snow record and we're closing in on the winter snowfall record. You can have all our snow piles, and many of them are taller than an average person. Oh I want to move down south.

    Oh my Gosh, O-P, thank God it turned out ok. I'm sure that must have rattled your nerves.
  8. qimissung's Avatar
    Didn't you guys have the winter from hell last year, Virgil??? I'm sorry, I hope the snow melts soon.

    OMG, Pip, I'm glad you're OK. Once I was leaving a Vietnamese restaurant with some friends and we saw a white pickup careening down the street. It made a wide turn and the plowed into the Thai restaurant across the street. A man jumped out, stared at us, then ran away. We had just witnessed a carjacking. I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to have a car speeding toward me!

    We had 320 car accidents in the metroplex today!
  9. Janine's Avatar
    I agree with Virgil; tonight we are suppose to get a yuky mix with mostly ice and tomorrow driving will be atrocious. I am in with this cold; I don't usually go out with it. guim, if you want some snow we have plenty in piles too and I can package some and send it your way. I have had quite enough of the cold weather; especially having the heater break down as it did; at least now we are warm and have a new one installed. Now let me just get over this horrid cold. The pipes won't freeze outside. Mine was open all winter and I am sure it was colder here in the North than down there.

    Well, glad you are enjoying staying home and being cozy and good for you - painting. I want to see that so post it soon.
  10. qimissung's Avatar
    Well, it's the whole being off work thing, Janine. And I'm so sorry about your heater and so glad it's finally fixed. That would be hideous. How did you survive?

    It's 15 degrees here at 11:48. I live in a townhouse and my upstairs is cozy; my downstairs, not so much. It says it's 67 degrees in here, but I'm shivering with a shirt, sweater and blanket on, and when you get near the windows the temperature drops perceptibly. I do have large windows. the one in the front must be 10 feet, and acroos the room in my "dining area", I have sliding glass door. Lots of glass.

    My sons don't even own winter coats; that's how warm the winters have been down here for a number of years. I don't think I currently own a pair of gloves, although I used to always have a pair. Actually, I always preferred mittens.

    Chicken Noodle soup is good for colds, I hear, Janine.
  11. farnoosh's Avatar
    I like these kind of entrys. not too long and pleasant.
    I LOVE snow but where I live we only get the cold and not the snow!boo-hoo.
    But it sure rains in the afternoon, and if you are a romantic person you go and walk under it which I don't usually.I only go out in the nature when I need to take a break from everything around me or to think.
  12. qimissung's Avatar
    Thank you, Farnoosh. It rarely snows here and I do love snow. I love to watch it fall. It's so peaceful and quiet then. Actually I think what we really have is sleet, which is now just ice on the ground. We take what we can get here in the south.

    Does it rain every afternoon there?
  13. OrphanPip's Avatar
    We haven't gotten too much snow up here in Canada, ironically enough, it all seems to be stopping at the American border. The storms tend to hug the coast also, and we're pretty far inland in Montreal.

    I don't think my life was in danger from that car, he wasn't going that fast, but it was shocking to hear a bang and turn around to see a car up on the sidewalk behind you. Snow tires are supposed to be required by law here.
  14. qimissung's Avatar
    Snow tires required by law. As Spock would say, fascinating. Yes, that would be shocking, Pip. Even though T.V. programs are always showing people getting hit by cars and surviving, somehow I think getting hit by something that weighs several tons would do some damage.
  15. qimissung's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil
    Oh I want to move down south.
    Virgil, and Janine, come on down!