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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Reformation (1): Words of Wisdom of Ahmadiyya Caliph (MTAi).

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Peace be upon you.
1: Greeting everyone with words of peace spreads peace around.

2: Use of force is contrary to serving faith.

3: Prayer and patience are the spiritual weapons of today.

4: The real prayer is the one in which faithful seeks the pleasure of Allah and freedom from sins.

5: Allah likes the faithful to pray to Him and He waits for their prayer.

6: Rights of God and rights of fellow human being must be paid for individual and communal peace.

7: Faithful cannot live without prayer.

8: Prayers bring real satisfaction.

9: Prayer is like fountain of sweet water for believers who are sitting by and can drink whenever they like.

10: Spending within means, refraining from usury, maintaining loyalty, by the heads of states, to their own countries, not trying to get hold of natural resources of other countries, fulfilling the obligations of the poor..... leads to peace in society.

11: Patience does not mean forbearance only. It also means to continue doing good deeds without fear.

12: Prayer and patience lead to win.

13: To progress, vigilance over all issues is must.

14: Forgetting divine teachings and practicing self made morals are harmful to spiritual progress.

15: To enjoin good, forbidding evil and believing in God are traits of best people, according to Holy Quran.

16: Self-reflection and internal spiritual system of believers should be effective to keep them on straight path.

17: Trust of national, personal or communal level has to be honored.

18: In order to purify the self, serious effort is required.

19: Respect for elders and love for younger ones is virtue.

20: This world is transient, it will end. Attainment of pleasure of God is what lasts forever. may God enable all of us to do that.

21: Just as one verbally professes Unpartnered Unity of God, similarly one should display this through one's practice and should be ever compassionate and helpful to mankind.

22: Era of truth and faith comes once again and righteousness is started in hearts.

23: God is not merely pleased with claims, unless a claim is accompanied with reality and in corroboration of it there is practical evidence of change.

23: Self check is successful when one realizes God is watching and one cares about pledge of allegiance.

24: Those who adopt righteousness and purity and are not afraid of evil, have God's support and protection.

25: In a spiritual system, the basis of obedience is sincerity, loyalty and pleasure of God.

26: A momin faithful tries to act upon all the teachings of Allah and Holy Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him), no matter how little the commandmemt may seem.

27: They take care of dues of Allah and dues of people.

28: “Show us the staright path.” (1:6) is very important prayer for all times.

29: There should not be any impurity when dealing with God..... Heart of a person acts as mirror for God.

30: One finds strength to do good deed when one’s belief in God is strong. Such a person cannot commit sins. Such faithful never get careless in efforts and prayers.

31: Religion is a personal matter. State is separate.

32: The Holy Quran, the Prophethood and the Khilafat are spiritual links of 'rope of Allah'. This rope of Allah unites believers in these times of chaos.

33:Without good morals, one's faith is in danger.

34: Mutual relation of kinship and kindness on the level of household, local community chapters, city and country absorb great mercy of God.

35: God answers prayers when soul and body of a believer obey commandments of God; when heart melts with understanding that God is the only support; when one is humble and not arrogant; when one pays dues of God and people; when one keep remember God in good days too.

36: Pure natured faithful, when reminded about righteouseness according to divine commandment ‘Remind!’, they pay heed and they continue to refelect and they bring in positive changes.

37: Righteous parents continue to remind their children to make the positive changes permanent.

38: Khilafat’s assisting organizations should arrange continuous reminding for members to keep making self checks of morals so that pure emotions come up by hearing Khalifah’s advices become durable positive changes in faithful.

39: The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him and his beloveds) brought perfect teaching, now in this era of his promised beloved the Mahdi Messiah Guide, it is the time for completion of propagation the teaching of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) globally. Both of these eras are decalred blessed by the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.).

40: Blessed are those who help to share out the divine message.

41: Words and deeds of faithful should be according to pledge of initiation.

42: Only one kind of virtue is not enough to practice, all kind of virtues are needed.

43: Be Wali (friend of God), but not worship Wali.

44: Following the teaching of Holy Quran, avoiding innovations in faith and prostrating for God only are ways to paradise.

45: We are blessed to have perception of virtue by believing in spiritual guide of the era.

46: Those prayers are answered which are according to the sunnah (practice) of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Priority should be given to the prayers for prestige and glory of (real peaceful) Islam.

47: God wants the Prophet’s time come again; righteousness and purity is reestablished; community of Promised Mahdi Guide should follow the ways of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.).

48: If faithful progress in righteousness, foe cannot harm them. Faithful are vigilant to maintain high standards of virtues.

49: God continues to direct pious people to the faith; their prayers are answered and truth is being revealed to them.

50: Shariat (The divine law) has two major parts which faithful are to guard by the grace of God; dues of God and dues of people.

Peace be on everyone.