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Greece or Spain pt. 4

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Updated 10-10-2013 at 08:41 PM by stlukesguild



  1. Virgil's Avatar
    I'm not going to claim one culture is greater than another, but if i had my choice I'd go to Spain first. They have better wine.
  2. Cunninglinguist's Avatar
    In terms of things to see I don't think it would be highly disputed that Spain has more. If we're to judge the two places on artistic merits alone I think the central question in the debate comes down to how you define "good." If you're going to judge goodness purely on the form and content then I believe Spain still takes the cake, most notably for me by virtue of Picasso and Velazquez and to a lesser extent Greco, Goya et al you mentioned. Yet if you're to judge how great their art was by assessing how innovative it was, that does not appear to be such an easy task. It is not hard to notice that the reasons art generally gets richer in content as time goes by is because later artists have the privilege of studying and building off of the deceased ones, and further as technology progresses, new and less restrictive modes of expression come along.

    All in all I would go to Spain. There's really no question for me...oh, and that wine thing sounds pretty nice, too.
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  3. Gilliatt Gurgle's Avatar
    Thanks for your effort in putting this together.
    I would have a tough time deciding between the two. It would seem that Spain certainly has the edge in terms of painting. Architecturally speaking, I would say both are on even par and for sculpture, I would have to give Greece the nod.
  4. Mutatis-Mutandis's Avatar
    Awesome collection you put together, Stlukes. I learned quite a bit. And Dali is my favorite artist.

    This Spring, I hope to take a trip to France to visit The Louvre. Dumb question, probably, but have you ever been there?