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Greece or Spain pt. 1

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On a recent thread a member admitted that he and his girlfriend were discussing a proposed European trip. She was all for visiting Spain, while he was for Greece, suggesting that Spain had very little in the way of art to offer the tourist.

I was unable to let this assertion lie... for the simple reason that my own preferences lie more with Spain than Greece.

I think either would be equally fascinating and laden with more than enough art, although I personally would lean toward Spain.

Greece was home to two great cultures: Classical or Ancient Greece and the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire. Unfortunately, Greece also fell prey to the subjugation of two conquering powers that resulted in the pillage and destruction of much of the finest art of the Greeks. The Romans pillaged much of the finest Greek art (as well as the finest Greek craftsmen). Later the Turks took control following the fall of Constantinople and a great portion of that which was not already stolen by the Romans or destroyed was taken by various Western powers (France, Germany, England). As a result, much of the finest Greek art is now found outside of Greece:

The British Museum is perhaps the finest repository of Greek Art with the famous "Elgin Marbles" from the Parthenon:

Add to this numerous other marvelous classical sculptural groups, including most importantly a great portion of the remains of the great The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, which was one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World:

Germany houses the great Hellenistic Temple of Pergamon:



  1. f4b2g9's Avatar
    Those were wonderful photographs of Ancient Greek
    Thank you.
  2. Mutatis-Mutandis's Avatar
    Hey, Stlukesguild. I have two questions. I love art, and currently own over 20 pieces bought from local art fairs, but beyond knowing what I like, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to art/art history, so forgive said ignorance.

    First, why were heads left off of so many sculptures?

    Second, and this is a more practical question, how did the Hellenistic Temple of Pergamon get in the museum? Quite a large piece of art to transport....