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The Window Mystery

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I just had the strangest thing happen, and acutally it is something of which I have experienced before and it always gives me a double take but usually it makes me start to doubt myself and think I must have just remembered wrong, but there have been a couple times as now in which I remember very distinctly what happened.

Many of you know what my preferences for weather and temperature tend to be, and so when I go to sleep at night I sleep best when my room is near arctic temperatures so I always have to have my window open at night, no matter what time of year no matter what the weather is outside, and the colder the better.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do before I get up and get dressed and such, I always read while still in bed for a while and I don't like the drafty cold air while i am reading so I always close my window in the morning unless it is really warm out. And this time I distinctly remember shutting my window becasue when I was contemplating acutally getting out of bed I recall feeling a draft still and I looked over and noticed my window was still partially open, that I hadn't closed it all the way, it was still open a sliver, so I reached over and pushed it all the way shut.

Than I got up got out of bed and got dressed and this was sometime past 8 before nine, and I had not been back in my room since tell around 10:30 I went into my room to do something and I noticed that my window had been open a significant amount. To the point where obviously someone had to have come and opened it. But I know I did not open it again since I closed it, and there is no one else who could have opened it.

And my windows are designed so that they can only be open from the inside. There is no way someone outside can open the windows when they are closed. Not to mention there is a screen in front of the window that would have to be removed to attempt to open the window. So not only is it not possibly for someone to have opened the window from outside, it is extremely illogical that a person would have entered the backyard, removed the screen opened the window, put the screen back up and than left, not to mention the extreme unlikeability that they could have accomplished all this without being seen or heard.

So there is no easily plausible explanation for why or how my window ended up open.

Updated 11-17-2010 at 04:15 PM by Dark Muse

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