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Anarchy is Back. Oh No.

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Guess who is back!

Life has been hectic & I'm sorry to say Lit. Net. was not on the top of my priorities. Bad Morty!

Little Update on what has been driving me away from the amazing forum.

I was asked by my journalism professor this semester to do undergraduate research on social media becoming a tool for "Citizen Journalists" as well as an advocacy tool. I'm a journalism major with a focus on multimedia/online. For that same class we have our own "Newsie" blogs--well mine is much more feature like rather than "Newsie" but I really love working on mine. If you are interested to see what I've been doing check it out!
Next semester I will be continuing with my Undergraduate Research & will actually be presenting it in March! Exciting news!

I will be in London & Paris next summer for a three week Media Study Abroad program! Yay! Directly after that trip (hopefully! Fingers cross friends!) I'll be accepted to a Media Fellowship at the Walter Cronkite Center in Arizona! I really want this.

That's what I've been up to the past few months. Last summer I was in Mexico (as usual) but I think that will be the last time I'll be visiting until after I graduate. Bummer.

How has everyone else been!?!

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  1. farnoosh's Avatar
    WOW! that's all that came to mind when reading you're entry..I can imagine what you've been through!
    I Wish the best my friend.