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Dazed and Confused

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Hitting your head against your windshield is not a fun thing to do, so heads up on that kids. Car accidents when you 99.9 percent of the time wear your seat belt and the .1 % of the time when you don't and you whack your head....not fun. So buckle up and stay safe....unlike yours truly.

Yes, in a silly awkward way....I am saying I have been afk for several days now recuperating from being a silly person. Well, the car accident wasn't my fault but forgetting to buckle up was.

Thanks for all the well wishing and kind comments in my previous blog. He has decided to get help and we are leaning in the direction of couple's counseling. So, I guess we will see for now.


  1. mtpspur's Avatar
    I PM'd you what the drama queen thought of your absence. Glad you're back. Actually somewhat pleased to be wrong about your guy pal. You are overdue for some good things in your life. I had a 'friend' go thru a windshield and suffered brain damage and she's pretty much a junkie now (got addicted to pain killers and acquired a taste for esctacy) and temporailly derailed my life somewhat. She is always on my prayer list. Glad you came thru this.
  2. applepie's Avatar
    Glad to hear about couple's counseling. It can really be helpful and I'm wishing you the best. I'm also sorry to hear about the accident. Hope you are feeling better.
  3. Niamh's Avatar
    I was wondering why you werent arround. Glad to hear you are okay. Definitely good advise! Always wear your belt. a woman who once lived on my roads son died there last week in a motorbike accident which shakes one up a bit. Glad you werent hurt severely.
  4. Shalot's Avatar
    Well, I am glad you are okay and I am glad to see you back

    Good luck with the boyfriend. Alcohol is one of those things that sort of becomes a permenant fixture.
  5. Countess's Avatar
    Last night as I was praying for you I was wondering also why we hadn't heard of you. I figured you were taking some time to collect yourself after kicking the drunk to the curb. I'm glad he decided to get help and hope things work out. Also good to hear you're okay after that accident. Again, will be praying for you.
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    I hope you're OK Kathy. I was concerned about you. Were you in the hospital? What do you mean you were "afk"? You know I put on my seat belt 99% of the the time and always think that the one time I don't buckle up is the time I will get into an accident. I'm glad you're boyfriend is seeking some help. But please be on your guard. I don't want you to be a victum of anything.
  7. andave_ya's Avatar
    kathy I hope you are OK! I'm praying for you! And I too was wondering what happened to you. Be careful with yourself! Get some more butter pecan ice cream, and cuddle with a book!
  8. 's Avatar
    Kathy, I hope you are doing well and that the recuperation comes along smoothly. Best wishes. =)
  9. kathycf's Avatar
    Thank you everybody VERY much for your good wishes and concern. I only received a minor concussion and some cuts and bruises so not a big deal, I am just dealing with some pretty bad headaches but since I get migraines anyway...not sure if it is stress, the injury or both.

    (afk means away from keyboard, Virgil)
  10. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Kathy, I am sending you my good wishes, too. I was very sorry indeed to hear of your accident, please heal soon. And as for the couple counselling, that is a good step forward. A drinking problem cannot really be healed instantly, but it sounds like this fellow really does care enough for you to take these measures. And that made me very glad. I will be thinking of you both, as you deserve to have great happiness in life, Kathy!
  11. bare-elf's Avatar
    I knew something was wrong. So I have been searching for you for weeks, because I could not find your email address with Techie not having Siege the Day not working right yet. But I kept looking for you and found you at last. Remember your little sister gets worried when she dows not see you on the site. Send me a pm on siege the day with your email please. and I will give you my half dozen or so. I miss you very much but an glad you are alive.

    Love BE