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Living Breathing Contradiction...


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What is happy? And why am I damned to go without the understanding of such a commonly used word? To be one so, literate. That reads SO often, and writes; why does the meaning of this one simple word evade me? Why can I not understand Happy?


  1. Maximilianus's Avatar
    If there's a field where humanity has excelled, that is concept invention. We invent concepts like happy, love, care, affection, interest, fun, sad, depression and what not, just because we are good at it. We are a bunch of experts at word making. Then we ponder on what they really mean, and we have no clue. Then again, mayhap we are confused, and mayhap, just mayhap, we are happy, but we just believe (or prefer to believe) we are not.

    It would seem to me that I don't know what happy is, but of course, I might be wrong.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Just a guess, but maybe you're trying too hard. Enjoy life and don't expect too much. Just my humble opinion.
  3. Maximilianus's Avatar
    Not damned at all, no more explanations of this word's meaning are needed, since its meaning has been finally understood. It's really good to have one problem less and one meaning more. Congrats.