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The Great Whiz

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Before we put Matthew to bed every night, Daddy plays with him to tire him out some more. Well tonight something funny happened and am glad to announce that it didn't happen to me (at least not yet). Here's the background:

Daddy: I think he peed
Me: OK, just let me get his jammies and I'll change him

I put Matthew down and start taking off his diaper.

Me: OMG!! Matthew what did you do ?
Daddy: Did he pee ?
Me: He crapped and it's up by his waist and now he's starting to put his hand in it
Daddy: He needs a bath
Me: I know that but I have to get the tub ready for him and clean him up somewhat. Matthew stop touching your poop!!
Daddy: I'll finish cleaning him just get the tub ready.

Before I am even ready for Matthew, Mr Virgil has him in the bathroom stark naked standing on the vanity. With my back to them as I am getting the water ready I hear

Daddy: He just peed on my shirt
Me: What ?
Daddy : he just peed on my shirt

Just as I turn around to see what is going on, there's my son whizzing away on daddy and the bathroom floor

Oh yeah, life is good!!!


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    I love baby stories. Thanks for the chuckle, pussnboots!
  2. Paulclem's Avatar
    No-one escapes unscathed. It reminds me how much extra stuff you need.
  3. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Love when that happens!

    Mine won't poop. Hasn't in days.
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    What can I say. The thing that gets me is that he looked me right in the eyes when he did that.
  5. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Hahaha I've heard they tend to do that, Virgil!!!
  6. The Comedian's Avatar

    So did Virgil and Matthew bathe together then?