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We Made It Home !!

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Just a quick post to let everyone know that we arrived home yesterday safe and sound with Matthew.

It was a long day yesterday with a few temper tantrums along the way but he is napping peacefully right now in his new crib.

Mr. Virgil will be posting in his blog about our adventure in bringing Matthew home.

As for me, I am exhausted but I'm loving mommyhood!!!!


  1. andave_ya's Avatar
    I am so happy about this!! Little Matthew is finally home where he belongs, with two of the best parents he could ask for . Thank you SO much for keeping us updated and GOD BLESS!!!
  2. Niamh's Avatar
  3. papayahed's Avatar
    Allllllll Riiiiiiiiigghhhhhtttt!!!!! Glad to hear it.
  4. zoolane's Avatar
    Hooray so please you all, hugs and kisses to Matthew
  5. Helga's Avatar
    wonderful news!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!
  6. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Yay! Let the real fun begin!
  7. plainjane's Avatar
    Wonderful news, so happy to know that you've finally gotten home with your son. Congratulations!!
    I've been following y'all's progress on Virgil's blog.
  8. Paulclem's Avatar
    Great news. I bet you're relieved you're back home.
  9. pussnboots's Avatar
    Mr Virgil and I are so happy to be home and have Matthew with us. It has been a long journey and we can finally close this chapter and start anew.

    Thank you to everyone
  10. qimissung's Avatar
    You have a baby! Today you are the luckiest person in the world! Congratulations, pussnboot, what a beautiful baby you have, and what a wonderful Mom you're going to be.
  11. mtpspur's Avatar
    Wanted to also add my congratulations here as well. Your life is full now and it couldn't happen to two nicer people.
  12. Janine's Avatar
    Terrific news; enjoy every minute of your new motherhood. Kids are such angels when they are sleeping, aren't they? I am so happy for you...was a long trip back and a long journey through the system before that...but it was surely worth every paper you filled out and every interview, etc. How sweet Matthew looks in all his photos - he's definitely grown!