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A Little Bit of Everything

The Problwm With the Internet

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My school is quite a place
they are leading onward
in the technology race

They give laptops to us all
to do our schoolwork on
when we plug into the walls

Free internet without wires
does the trick all over campus
so the school won't be called a liar

when they say that they're the best
in technology, computers,
and all the rest

But the problem is easy to see
with using computers for homework
and even studying

when you get on just like they say
to do your work
instead you play

I have intentions that are good
but when I open firefox
I don't do what I should

I'm on the forums night and day
and on facebook, e-mail
and finding games to play

How can I get my work done
when the internet
can be so much fun?


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Yikes, you'll screw up your grades if you spend all your time on the internet. Discipline my young friend, discipline.