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A Little Bit of Everything

To my Fiend

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I wanted to write a poem and this is what came out, no it is not from a personal experience.

To my Fiend

O friend how can words justly share
the feelings inside, so dark, so fair
you cry out, save me from this place
and I, a stone, do not race
to your aid

For friendship was forsaken long ago
the motives still I do not know
that one so close could me betray
Friend I lost you that day
you stole

My heart broken ne'er to be whole
for you, the thief, my dearest one stole
you took the one I loved above all
and in that moment I did fall
to darkness

a rope, a chair, a tear stained note
you reasoned why you could not cope
but ne'er once did you call to me
nor teary eyes did ever I see
so why?

and now your voice upon my mind
echoes but no source can I find
you call for help, a cry never made
you took it, silent, to your grave
my friend

O fiend who took my dearest love
no forgiveness from here or from above
could ever be found from me to you
the night you chose to do
the worst