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A Gory Poem

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My poem entitled Gory. Warning: the title is not a misnomer (But it's not really a disgusting, creepy gory). :] A prayer to God....

Dear Lord,
Take your scalpel in hand, cut in
from nape to button-
Peal back my skin,
snap my ribs,
push them back
reach in,
dig in,
and pull out my heart...
but make this just the start.
Take it
and squeeze-
squeeze until it beats
to your rhythm-
squeeze until you
mold it to your image.
Take a sponge and
scrub it until it sparkles,
till it bleeds.
Then pull out my veins-
pull them out.
Take these bloody spouts and fill them, not
with liquid red
but with life,
that I might bleed truth
and then fill my lungs
with breath from above,
that I may breath out not air
but love, then
sew me up lord.
but don't stop there, no
don't stop!
with new innards
change me outwards:
take my skin and
make it akin to
the sun
I wanna shine,
Pull out my eyes and
put in mirrors
so I might see into
myself and others,
replace my lips with a smile
and all the while
yank out my tongue
and put in its place
a dove,
that I may speak only words
of peace and love,
cut off my hands and
give me ones with
scars and holes
to remind me why I live
and live a life so full,
saw off my feet and install
maps and wheels
of the strongest steel
that I will go
Do it now Lord-
Will it hurt?
There is no other way.
Will it be messy?
I hope you say
it will, because I am a mess
and to fix it
you must mess me up
tear me up
cut me up
leave nothing except
for you
Do it Lord.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Yikes, it is gory. Well, you make your point.