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Rubbish, enviromesh and a picture of my butt

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Yes, I have been busy digging up the matted grass and carpet that have clothed the new allotment this summer. We have cleared a lot of rubbish to the top of the allotment.


The black plastic is covering a pile of old carpet, which we have more to add to. It was used to keep the weeds down, but they merely grew through which just made it a bit of a spine wrencher to pull up. The metal and rubbish can be moved to the annual skip that the site hires in February.


The corrugated iron and a shed door has made a handy composting area and weve filled one side of it already with the weeds and grass we have dug up this summer.

This August has been pretty wet. Luckily weve got the handy shed stocked with tea and to wait out the rain. Theres also a little something for the cold autumn to liven it up. Naturally, its been tested.


Weve bought some green enviromesh, well scaffolding mesh actually, which does just as well. Its great for keeping off the munchers who would have a field day with my sprouts, cabbage and broccoli.


The whole allotment site is quite large and can maintain a shop which is open on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They had some water butts for sale at 5 each, and so here is a picture of my butt.


Im not much of an artist, but the brushes in those little tester pots are very unwieldy...

Weve also popped in some onion seed - 4 for 450 seeds off the internet. Were waiting for them to come up at the moment. Theres no sign of them yet. Fingers crossed...

So anyway the project is coming on. Its kept me off the streets and in the fields this summer.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Looks great. And that is a large area for gardening. You should really get a bit out of it. Thanks. Oh and i'm glad that was the picture of your butt. I don't think I would have been too interested in what i was thinking you were referring to.
  2. Janine's Avatar
    Yezzz, I was looking all over for your butt. Now I am disappointed...
  3. Paulclem's Avatar
    Yes I tell people my butt is blue with a flower on it. There's loads of space. We've marked out ten beds, each about 25 yards square. We've then got space for a plum tree, a fair row of runners and raspberry canes which go in in the Autumn.
    Updated 09-01-2010 at 06:12 PM by Paulclem
  4. LitNetIsGreat's Avatar
    That is all great stuff - I was just wondering how you were getting on with it all. I'm so relaxed and "returned to the earth" just looking at your photos. I'm taking things slowly and going to be getting by with a few tubs and pots, but in the future I want a plot of land myself, it looks like you could get a lot of stuff from that space.

    (My potatoes are coming up and my Basil plants are now going great. If it carries on I should have plently of potatoes for the Christmas period to go with the chives in the front. My contribution to Christmas dinner at the in-laws!)